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How To Health Check Your Media Attribution Models: Randomized Controlled Trials

For advertisers, the new loss of third-party cookies creates gaps in media attribution models, so media result measurements become inaccurate. A randomized Controlled Trial (RCT, or “Randomized Control Testing”) is a scientific method we use to solve these problems for marketing teams.

Marketing Reporting and Automation with Datorama

Market Basket Analysis (MBA) is a popular rule-based machine learning technique that can provide product recommendations to customers. This post shows you how to pull and wrangle the transactional data from the Google Analytics API.

How To Get Started in Digital Marketing

Before starting a career in digital marketing, learn the different roles and get some practical advice. Here are tips for on-the-job success.

What is Business Impact?

Business Impact is the benefit realized from a project or initiative expressed in terms of taking action vs. doing nothing.

What’s Your Dependent Variable?

Considering your marketing strategies and tactics through the lens of an equation can provide powerful clarity, both in how you execute and in how and where you use data and analytics.

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