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New Google AdWords Local Ad Format

New & Enhanced Local Ad Format If you are an advertiser with a brick and mortar location and use Google Location Extensions,  you’ll be happy to know Google will be rolling out a new location extension ad format in the coming weeks.  The new format will trigger when your location extension-enabled ad is eligible to …

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Google AdWords Update: Mobile

Call-Only Creative Launching for Mobile Google Display Network This week Google begins rolling out call-only creatives for the Mobile Google Display Network, which benefits advertisers who want to focus solely on driving phone calls to their business via their mobile campaigns. This option applies to text ads and is roulette online available when creating a …

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Search Engine Marketing 101 for 2011

What is search engine marketing? Why is it important? How can it help my business? There is a lot of buzz throughout the internet about how to “SEO” your site or which tricks to use in order to gain more traffic and presumably more revenue whether it be in the form of leads, purchases, referrals, applications, etc.  All …

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Bingbot Arrives October 1st

An exciting new change is happening in the world of search beginning October 1st, 2010.  No longer will your log files be filled with references to visits by MSNBot – BingBot will arrive and do all of the crawling for the Bing search engine. Ok, so “exciting” may not be the perfect way to describe …

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Tracking URLs for Paid Search

Last week, we posted an article about how to use dynamic url parameters in AdWords.  Here’s a guide and links to information about using dynamic variables in destination urls for ads on all three major engines: Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Marketing Solutions. Tracking URLs and dynamic parameters help append additional tracking information to …

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