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Creating A Checkout Funnel In Google Data Studio

In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to create a check out funnel in Google Data Studio to understand checkout flow and dropoff.

What is Google Analytics and How to Get Started

We have created the following guide to help you understand what Google Analytics is, how it works, how to set up and install, and to provide additional learning resources, including where to become GA Certified.

Airlock Translator

See Airlock.js in action. We built Airlock.js to help you quickly start using Google Universal Analytics. See a demo of Airlock.js in action or use this tool as a translator to convert your old tags while you migrate your site to Google Universal Analytics. :focus, :hover, :active{ outline: 0; } .airlock-in-action{ margin: 20px 0; } …

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Advanced Configuration Options

Another of the benefits of Google Universal Analytics is that it offers more configuration options than previously available in Standard Google Analytics. Below are four of these new features only available for properties using Universal Analyitcs. Customize Organic Search Sources Google Analytics automatically recognizes the most popular search engines, and attributes traffic to these sources. …

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Multi-Device Tracking

Digital Analysts are constantly faced with the “Doppelgänger” measurement anomaly caused by the multi-browser, multi-device world we live in.  Traditionally, if a visitor started looking at a product on a desktop at home, then on a mobile device on the way to the office, and then on a laptop at the office, Digital Analytics packages …

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