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Digital business is fast paced, detailed and requires strategic planning, a smart team with technology to support efficiency and sophistication and a plan to help prioritization of efforts.

The recently published eTail study on Technology Trends in Retail cited “12% of respondents do not have a clearly defined plan for the year ahead, which is concerning considering the importance of Q4 for the majority of retailers.”  In-house or agency teams should have a prepared roadmap for the year’s digital priorities with a critical component focusing on maximizing on the upcoming holiday season (for retailers).

By now, we should all be acutely aware of the importance of mobile in a marketing mix to reach the “always addressable consumer” throughout their online decision journey.  Surprisingly, 57% of retailer respondents are still without a mobile marketing strategy.  Additionally, the eTail study says 62% don’t have a mobile measurement strategy in place! (gasp).  As a co-worker of mine always says “if it isn’t measured, it didn’t happen….right?”  Mobile has an immense amount of measurable actions that support your mobile customer through to a (in-store or online) transaction.   If you don’t own mobile, your competitor will…and may even send you a thank you gift for the easy revenue you just gave up.

Need Help with Assessing Your Digital Programs and Platforms?

To help brands assess past campaigns, especially holidays, Search Discovery offers assistance to perform a variety of health checks across Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Paid Media and Analytics to help you better prepare for success.

Our holiday retail assessment includes the following deliverables:
• Analytics Merchandising reporting and recommendations including data gathering and presentation of the data
• Paid Search reporting and recommendations including gap analysis and creative analysis
• SEO reporting and recommendations including crawl, speed and mobile compliance and readiness
• Content Strategy reporting and recommendations including content gap analysis, curation and promotion review

Avoid pitfalls from last year’s holiday season and capitalize on what was successful to expand revenues.  To learn more about our Holiday Assessments click here.

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