When you are brows­ing websites on the inter­net, you often encounter banner ads and other messages on the perime­ter of the page. Website publish­ers of every ilk set aside space on their sites for compa­nies like yours to commu­ni­cate with consumers. Consist­ing of pictures, images, photos, logos, and text (just to name a few), display adver­tis­ing offers compa­nies a tremen­dous oppor­tu­nity for brand­ing.

However, if direct response is what you are looking for, we can help you put together messages with a partic­u­lar call-to-action whereby we can track a partic­u­lar display advertisement’s effect on your sales. Search Discovery engages in a method­i­cal process of under­stand­ing who your consumers are and what types of websites they visit so that we can best place your ad in front of the most qual­i­fied and rele­vant web traffic.