Missed the Domo City Tour in Indianapolis? Have No Fear, Our Recap is Here!

by Aug 22, 2017

Last Wednes­day, August 16, Search Discovery joined Domo at their City Tour Indi­anapo­lis stop to discuss the insights and inno­va­tion of Domo.

Whether you’re a market­ing maven or an IT pro, making an informed deci­sion takes the right infor­ma­tion. COO Steve Gustafson spoke on the customer panel “The Board Will See You Now” along­side VP Analyt­ics at Brook­source, Andy Dunne, and National Oper­a­tions Direc­tor at Sears Hold­ings Corpo­ra­tion, Ryan Holt, CIA to discuss the impor­tance of data driven deci­sion making.

With Domo, Search Discovery is able to quickly and easily report key metrics to our entire company, exec­u­tive team, and clients. We seek to provide trans­parency across the metrics that drive busi­ness forward inter­nally and for our clients. Domo enables this trans­parency and allows users the ability to access their data when and where they want it. This approach is truly putting the right metrics into the hands of the right people in the right time frame to empower them to make data driven deci­sions and propel their busi­ness forward.

To learn more about how Domo has helped Search Discovery drive perfor­mance effi­ciency both inter­nally and exter­nally, contact us here.