Domo High 5: Our Highlights from Domopalooza 2018

by Mar 28, 2018

What an exciting year for the Search Discovery and Domo partnership and what another awesome event at Domopalooza 2018! For the fourth year in a row, we’ve participated in Domo’s user conference, this year as the first ever (and sole) Diamond Sponsor.

With a small army of 20 talented team members repre­sent­ing all parts of the company, we’ve been prepar­ing for months for our four speak­ing sessions, count­less client meet­ings, Zen Lounge spon­sor­ship, Partner video, booth theme and design, and our overall stellar pres­ence through­out the entire confer­ence.

SDI’s Space­man even made several surprise appear­ances through­out the confer­ence and created almost as much buzz as the team members wearing their snazzy red sweaters!

Here are some of the show highlights for us!

1: Partner Summit

Pre-confer­ence had a desig­nated Partner Summit for, you guessed it, Domo’s part­ners. Designed for part­ners to congre­gate and discuss the go-to-market strat­egy for the upcom­ing year, it’s always ener­giz­ing to feel and hear the buzz about the future of the product.

Steve Gustafson, our Chief Oper­at­ing Officer, spoke to the entire sales team on how we are support­ing Domo growth across the enter­prise. At the end of Partner Summit, Domo recog­nized Search Discovery with the Partner of the Year Award. We’re honored!

2: General Sessions

A couple things happened on the main stage that we’re excited about.

Mike Gustafson, our Pres­i­dent, presented with client Paul Elliot, Pres­i­dent of Consumer Brands at Brand­mus­cle, about how Domo is enabling BrandMuscle’s ongoing digital trans­for­ma­tion.  Domo is enabling them to lever­age data to create a compet­i­tive advan­tage for them and their clients as they provide preci­sion inte­grated digital market­ing services to major national brands.

Domo announced over 20 (YES, 20!) new prod­ucts and features to their busi­ness oper­at­ing system.

SDI is excited to start using these new features as they become avail­able. We’re ready to work with our clients to lever­age all of the new capa­bil­i­ties whether its the predic­tive capa­bil­i­ties, visu­al­iza­tion options, or the enhanced ability for our clients to govern their instances (all very cool!). The new gover­nance features allow­ing you to manage your datasets, beast modes and have greater insights to your data quality are going to incred­i­bly helpful as clients continue to expand how Domo is enabling their busi­ness.

Which features are you most excited about?

The full list of features announced at DP18 include:

  • Predic­tive App for data science
  • Image render­ing for Domo Apps and Sumo Cards
  • DomoStats (system DataSets)
  • Receive Webhook Data
  • Alerts Wizard + Custom Message Builder
  • DataSet Alerts
  • New DataSet Details Data Tab
  • Domo Apple TV App
  • New Data Center
  • Dash­board Layouts
  • Certi­fied Content: Cards
  • Certi­fied Content: DataSets
  • DataSet Sharing
  • NLG (Machine Gener­ated Narra­tive Story­telling)
  • Smart Alerts, Anomaly Detec­tion
  • Beast Mode Manage­ment Tool
  • DataSet Column Renam­ing
  • Card Orches­tra­tion (Chart to Chart inter­ac­tions)
  • Custom Charts (Includ­ing defin­ing custom maps)
3. Break Out Sessions

Steve Gustafson and Jim Koenig, Direc­tor of Busi­ness Intel­li­gence, lead a break­out speak­ing about reach­ing full data poten­tial through inno­va­tion custom apps and produc­tiv­ity exten­sions. The packed audi­ence learned about five custom solu­tions SDI created on behalf of their clients this year and included a guest appear­ance from our client, Wade Hoffman, Analyt­ics Manager at Carter Lumber.

4. Partner Pavilion:

The Partner Pavil­ion was the place to be for all the latest inno­va­tions and hands-on expe­ri­ence at the Bril­liance Bar and Domo booth. Did you come see us?

Conver­sa­tions at our main booth were unique and spanned across the enter­prise as we helped clients and poten­tial Domo users with busi­ness chal­lenges. Span­ning across all indus­tries and roles, we learned insights from prior imple­men­ta­tions and discussed our inno­v­a­tive solu­tions utiliz­ing the Domo plat­form. Thanks for stop­ping by!

Our App Devel­op­ment Team featured eight of their Produc­tiv­ity Exten­sions: custom solu­tions devel­oped in the past year using the Domo plat­form to solve specific client prob­lems. Atten­dees provided posi­tive feed­back and on many occa­sions requested the SDI team to develop a similar custom app to help them solve a busi­ness chal­lenge that exists today.

What a killer team!

5. Client Engagement:

SDI engaged exist­ing and poten­tial clients through private meet­ings and dinners, to deepen the rela­tion­ships and glean specific oppor­tu­ni­ties where we can partner to lever­age Domo to posi­tively impact the clien­t’s busi­ness. In conjunc­tion with the break out sessions, SDI’s clients walked away with a stronger profes­sional network, greater under­stand­ing of where and how to invest in the Domo solu­tion, and insight into Search Discovery’s exper­tise and service offer­ings.

There’s a lot of excite­ment across Search Discovery about the future of Domo: from improved AI capa­bil­i­ties to gover­nance to dataset/beast mode manage­ment to card build­ing enhance­ments. Reach out on how we can work together to enhance these features and truly make Domo the oper­at­ing system that allows you to run your entire busi­ness on your phone.

And don’t forget, #Space­ManLovesYou!