Domo Productivity Extensions powered by Search Discovery

by Mar 8, 2018

Here at Search Discovery, we are eagerly preparing for our 3rd Domopalooza and excited to be the Diamond Sponsor for this year’s event!

Since the last Domopalooza we have nearly doubled our team size, supported over 150 new clients, and have further expanded our exper­tise through produc­tiv­ity exten­sions in Domo. So, it’s no surprise, we are very excited for this year’s Domopalooza and being able to share all the inno­v­a­tive ways we are helping drive busi­ness impact for our clients this past year.

One unique aspect to Search Discovery is that we meet compa­nies at their pace and expe­ri­ence level with Domo. Some compa­nies are not just new to Domo, but new to BI systems in general and require help to funda­men­tally rethink how data is accessed, analyzed and shared. While other compa­nies have been working with Domo for years and are using the plat­form in new and creative ways to opti­mize the busi­ness. These expe­ri­enced compa­nies are constantly pushing the bound­aries of Domo and seek custom enhance­ments to contin­u­ally refine how the plat­form solves unique use cases. Search Discovery’s deep indus­try and func­tional exper­tise helps these mature orga­ni­za­tions with custom Domo exten­sions that go beyond tradi­tional dash­boards and into new compo­nents that help maxi­mize produc­tiv­ity.

At this year’s Domopalooza App Solu­tion Show­case, Search Discovery will be sharing these Produc­tiv­ity Exten­sions so that all customers can learn about the inter­est­ing ways other compa­nies are customiz­ing the Domo plat­form for their busi­ness needs. Here is a quick preview of just some of the exten­sions we will be sharing at the show­case:

Salesforce-Domo User Automation

Many compa­nies are deeply ingrained with Sales­force today and there­fore the idea of manag­ing users in both Domo and SFDC can causes headaches. Further­more, how can Sales­force roles and user permis­sions be mapped to Domo’s stan­dard secu­rity roles? Search Discovery devel­oped a service that syncs the two systems so that all Sales­force users are auto­mat­i­cally created in Domo with proper permis­sions, while allow­ing for future users to be created as they are setup. This custom exten­sion alle­vi­ates the need for compa­nies to manage users in two systems.

Direct SMS Reporting Alerts

terri­tory and account managers are always on-the-go and don’t always have time to login to Domo to check on the day’s stats. Instead they require customized insights sent as a text message with all the detail they would have looked for within Domo. This would allow the field team members to stay connected no matter where they are located. Search Discovery devel­oped custom SMS report­ing to support these fields managers directly from Domo that allows for custom sentences with multi­ple data points. These messages can be both trig­gered as an alert or sent on a regular sched­ule.

Custom Formatted Scheduled Reports

No matter how hard you try, someone will always need a report in Excel. Although Domo provides a user every­thing they need to filter and analyze the data, format­ted Excel reports seem to always have a place in busi­ness. This is espe­cially true for sales managers or finan­cial analysts who need to manu­ally filter and edit reports before they are shown, which is why Search Discovery created the Custom Format­ted Sched­uled reports exten­sion. This service uses data within Domo to create a custom-format­ted Excel report that can be sched­uled for deliv­ery to any user within the system as an attach­ment. If you find that Excel reports are required, this custom exten­sion by Search Discovery will meet the need.

These are just a few of the custom exten­sions we devel­oped that are helping clients get the most out of Domo. Swing by the App Solu­tion Show­case at Domopalooza to chat with our witty Domo special­ists and see these exten­sions, and more, in action! Or you can reach out to us directly for more infor­ma­tion.