Employee Spotlight: Lisa Altshul

by Apr 30, 2019

Lisa Altshul

Senior Media Analyst

Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, and based in our Atlanta office, Lisa has been working in the market­ing indus­try for over 4 years. Lisa is consis­tently exceed­ing expec­ta­tions for her clients and recog­nized by her colleagues for her crafts­man­ship, love of learn­ing, wit, work ethic, and warm smile. She has market­ing expe­ri­ence with big brands in enter­tain­ment, broad­cast­ing, B2B services, and consumer retail. She loves playing team sports, attend­ing concerts, playing music, hiking, and spend­ing time with her dog and boyfriend outdoors. At work, Lisa is most passion­ate about learn­ing new tech­nolo­gies and apply­ing her knowl­edge to brand market­ing, consumer expe­ri­ence, and advanced audi­ence strat­egy.

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Get to know Lisa

Tell us two random facts about you:

When I was very little, I told my mom I wanted to be a Power Ranger. Being very clever, my mom took me to a Martial Arts class and I fell in love (Fact 1). What was inter­est­ing is while I was prac­tic­ing Martial Arts, I was also doing compet­i­tive figure skating (Fact 2)! It was prob­a­bly a strange sight, but I would often walk from figure skating classes in my skating dresses and skirts to martial arts classes, where I would need to change into their, very differ­ent, uniform.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Take my family (includ­ing my boyfriend and my dog) on a big, well-deserved vaca­tion while we figure out what to do next. I imagine some­where we could hide out in the moun­tains and enjoy the outdoors while finding a good lawyer and finan­cial manager to help me with my newfound riches.

Where would you love to travel someday?

My list is always growing and never ending, but visit­ing where my family is orig­i­nally from (Minsk, Belarus) is on my bucket-list. I would also love to go hiking in Patag­o­nia.
Lisa in Lisbon, Portugal

What three traits define you?

Adapt­able, Driven, Depend­able.

Tell us about something you learned recently?

When and how to say “no” and how to better under­stand my band­width. I have always strug­gled with over-commit­ting to projects and expe­ri­ences, and not knowing when to say “no. I’ve started trying to adopt produc­tiv­ity tools like a zero-based calen­dar and Eisen­hower matrixes to be more conscious of my tasks and my sched­ule. They are both very helpful when trying to decide what to prior­i­tize!

What is an important or cool trend you see in our industry today?

Data-driven market­ing is a big one, and so impor­tant for what we do at Search Discovery! All of the ways we are able to under­stand our audi­ence and perfor­mance now is incred­i­ble. I think that more compa­nies are being held account­able for their data, too, so we are in a really trans­for­ma­tive period for data-driven marketers. There has never been more oppor­tu­nity and clarity to help busi­nesses harness data and make power­ful deci­sions, but in a respon­si­ble way that values the privacy of the consumers.

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