Employee Spotlight: Spaceman

by May 18, 2018

Where can we find you?

On Insta @ spaceman_sdi

Where are you from?

Beacon Hill, Boston

Where in the world/universe do you work remotely from?

It’s constantly chang­ing but space is kinda lonely… so some­times, you know, you just wanna be where every­body knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our trou­bles are all the same … right?

Two random facts about you:

  1. The Tesla Space­man is my half biolog­i­cal brother.
  2. I love when people surprise me with hugs, like just out of the blue… espe­cially when I can’t see them coming.  Seri­ously, next time you see me just GO FOR IT.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Badminton, Fight­ing Aliens, Curling, Stargaz­ing, Crochet­ing and I LOVE ballet.  My dream is to bring break­danc­ing into the ballet scene.

What super­hero power would you have and why?

The ability to breath in space.  It just gets hot in the suit and I’d love to know what it feels like to have a never ending vacuum run across your skin.

You can only eat one food for the rest of your life. What is it?

The freeze-dried ice-cream you always got at space camp. Good times…

What are 4 things you can’t live without?

  1. Space­suit
  2. Oxygen
  3. Tesla Road­sters

Describe what you were like at age 10.

I just loved making my mom smile. I spent a lot of time auto-tuned songs of appre­ci­a­tion for every­thing she did for me (she loves those).

Favorite place in Atlanta (or wher­ever you live)?

The Plan­e­tar­ium at Fern­bank Science Center.

Where’s a place you’d love to travel someday?


Why do you think digital intel­li­gence is impor­tant?

Because analog intel­li­gence is signif­i­cantly infe­rior, slower and lacking in animated gifs.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Search Discovery?

The snacks in the kitchen, HA JUST KIDDING IT’S YOU AMAZING PEOPLE, you guys… so awesome.