Enter Your Best Chart to Win an Amazon Echo

by | Mar 20, 2017

Here at Search Dis­cov­ery, new hires expe­ri­ence our chart cre­ation right of pas­sage. They brain­storm an idea (some­times over whiskey), grab a mark­er and draw their wit­ti­est chart to show off their data visu­al­iza­tion skills to their new team mem­bers.

This year at Domopalooza and Adobe Sum­mit, we’re bring­ing the chart cre­ation rit­u­al to you with #White­board­Wit! Stop by either of our booths and enter your chart to win an Ama­zon Echo. Here’s how to par­tic­i­pate:

Step 1: Follow us on Facebook.

Fol­low­ing us on Face­book makes us able to tag your chart so you can get the most votes pos­si­ble.

Step 2: Draw your wittiest chart at our booth whiteboard.

If you’re at Domopalooza, find us at the Part­ner Pavil­ion. If you’re at Sum­mit, head to Booth #946. Get cre­ative with your charts—this is one of the few sit­u­a­tions where there isn’t a wrong way to visu­al­ize data. Just make sure you include your first and last name some­where on your draw­ing.

Step 3: Look out for a Facebook photo tag notification from Search Discovery.

Using the name you pro­vide on your chart, we will tag you in our album of sub­mis­sions and com­mence vot­ing.

Step 4: Share, share, share!

The entry with the most inter­ac­tions wins, so be sure to share your chart on Face­book and encour­age your friends to vote for your sub­mis­sion.

Once vot­ing ends, we will con­tact the win­ner and get their Echo to them faster than Alexa can tell you today’s weath­er. We look for­ward to see­ing what you come up with!


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