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Here at Search Discovery, new hires experience our chart creation right of passage. They brainstorm an idea (sometimes over whiskey), grab a marker and draw their wittiest chart to show off their data visualization skills to their new team members.

This year at Domopalooza and Adobe Summit, we’re bringing the chart creation ritual to you with #WhiteboardWit! Stop by either of our booths and enter your chart to win an Amazon Echo. Here’s how to participate:

Step 1: Follow us on Facebook.

Following us on Facebook makes us able to tag your chart so you can get the most votes possible.

Step 2: Draw your wittiest chart at our booth whiteboard.

If you’re at Domopalooza, find us at the Partner Pavilion. If you’re at Summit, head to Booth #946. Get creative with your charts—this is one of the few situations where there isn’t a wrong way to visualize data. Just make sure you include your first and last name somewhere on your drawing.

Step 3: Look out for a Facebook photo tag notification from Search Discovery.

Using the name you provide on your chart, we will tag you in our album of submissions and commence voting.

Step 4: Share, share, share!

The entry with the most interactions wins, so be sure to share your chart on Facebook and encourage your friends to vote for your submission.

Once voting ends, we will contact the winner and get their Echo to them faster than Alexa can tell you today’s weather. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


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Our goal? High-fives, handshakes and business impact.

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