The Search Dis­cov­ery media team focused on the best oppor­tu­ni­ties in mar­ket to reach our client’s tar­get audi­ence.  Face­book adver­tis­ing has become an impor­tant chan­nel for our client’s mar­ket­ing mix­es due to a vari­ety of rea­sons, a few worth men­tion­ing are:

  1. Vast Tar­get­ing – Facebook’s tar­get­ing capa­bil­i­ties allow our paid media team to com­bine com­plex behav­ioral, demo­graph­ic, geo­graph­ic and oth­er char­ac­ter­is­tics to be laser focused on deliv­er­ing the right mes­sage to the right audi­ence at the right time.
  2. Ad Unit Types – The vari­ety of ad types that can appear at var­i­ous places with­in (and mobile) with var­i­ous calls to actions or des­ti­na­tions pro­vides us flex­i­bil­i­ty and con­trol.
  3. Per­for­mance – Social is unique as we not only have our typ­i­cal KPI’s we can set as our pro­gram goal (i.e. leads, calls, site engage­ment, down­loads, etc) but also have won­der­ful social met­rics to dri­ve com­mu­ni­ty and aware­ness of the brand (i.e. page likes, shares, com­ments) that can lead to mul­ti­ple actions with­in a sin­gle click!  Not to men­tion more friends of friends see­ing like activ­i­ty as bonus word of mouth mate­r­i­al.
  4. Price — Paid search inven­to­ry is get­ting more com­pet­i­tive and is inflat­ing bids. Face­book CPCs and reach are quite appeal­ing for our clients.  We’ve seen 40–80% cheap­er CPCs com­pared to our PPC pro­gram.
  5. Cross Team Inte­gra­tion – Face­book  is a chan­nel where con­tent (SEO), com­mu­ni­ty and mar­ket­ing (paid media) can work very well togeth­er to enhance return.  Our paid media team works with our SEO team and our client’s con­tent gen­er­a­tion and com­mu­ni­ty man­agers to ensure we are work­ing well togeth­er to deliv­er the best mes­sages, cus­tomer ser­vice and boost mes­sag­ing to dri­ve action across Face­book com­mu­ni­ties as well as on our client’s site.

Putting these great char­ac­ter­is­tics into prac­tice for our clients have become great sto­ries.

 Search Discovery Facebook Execution Case Studies

Client Case Study #1 (Retail Vertical)

Chal­lenge: Client had a 2-day win­ter out­let sale in late Decem­ber 2013 to sell extra inven­to­ry

Approach: Search Dis­cov­ery devel­oped a tar­get­ed Face­book cam­paign against non-fans, using cat­e­go­ry, inter­est and demo tar­get­ing to reach the right con­sumer to buy


  • High engage­ment:
  • Top ads drove 4% CTR
  • Drove 3,500 Page Likes
  • Cost effec­tive clicks: $0.23 CPC
  • Drove $172,483 in rev­enue ($1988% ROAS)

Client Case Study #2 (Real Estate Vertical)


  • Dri­ve aware­ness and con­sid­er­a­tion of the Client’s brand and mar­ket divi­sions to the right tar­get audi­ences


  • Expand dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing efforts to include Face­book where we are able to tar­get more effec­tive­ly using Face­book audi­ence tar­get­ing seg­ments as well as get low­er CPC’s com­pared to Paid Search
  • Tar­get­ing includ­ed:  demo­graph­ic, geo­graph­ic, psy­cho­graph­ic and inter­ests
  • Ran a pre­lim­i­nary cam­paign for 2 months to test new approach and val­i­date tar­get­ing
  • Ad Type:  News­feed


  • Cheap­er CPCs by 82%
  • Spe­cif­ic Divi­sion Suc­cess:
  • 3 homes SOLD (2 more clos­ing)
  • 50% of buy­ers stat­ed they had nev­er heard of Client Brand pri­or to see­ing ad
  • 2 buy­ers ref­er­enced see­ing ad on Face­book and it influ­enc­ing their deci­sion to engage Client Brand

Client Case Study #3 (Retail Vertical)

Chal­lenge: A client expe­ri­enc­ing com­pet­i­tive infla­tion in paid search envi­ron­ment.

Approach: Search Dis­cov­ery pre­sent­ed a tar­get­ed Face­book cam­paign to cus­tomer seg­ments and pet own­ers to dri­ve sales at a low cost


  • 63% cheap­er CPC com­pared to Paid Search
  • 61% reduc­tion in cost per con­ver­sion
  • 2547% ROAS