The Search Discovery media team focused on the best opportunities in market to reach our client’s target audience.  Facebook advertising has become an important channel for our client’s marketing mixes due to a variety of reasons, a few worth mentioning are:

  1. Vast Targeting – Facebook’s targeting capabilities allow our paid media team to combine complex behavioral, demographic, geographic and other characteristics to be laser focused on delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.
  2. Ad Unit Types – The variety of ad types that can appear at various places within (and mobile) with various calls to actions or destinations provides us flexibility and control.
  3. Performance – Social is unique as we not only have our typical KPI’s we can set as our program goal (i.e. leads, calls, site engagement, downloads, etc) but also have wonderful social metrics to drive community and awareness of the brand (i.e. page likes, shares, comments) that can lead to multiple actions within a single click!  Not to mention more friends of friends seeing like activity as bonus word of mouth material.
  4. Price – Paid search inventory is getting more competitive and is inflating bids. Facebook CPCs and reach are quite appealing for our clients.  We’ve seen 40-80% cheaper CPCs compared to our PPC program.
  5. Cross Team Integration – Facebook  is a channel where content (SEO), community and marketing (paid media) can work very well together to enhance return.  Our paid media team works with our SEO team and our client’s content generation and community managers to ensure we are working well together to deliver the best messages, customer service and boost messaging to drive action across Facebook communities as well as on our client’s site.

Putting these great characteristics into practice for our clients have become great stories.

 Search Discovery Facebook Execution Case Studies

Client Case Study #1 (Retail Vertical)

Challenge: Client had a 2-day winter outlet sale in late December 2013 to sell extra inventory

Approach: Search Discovery developed a targeted Facebook campaign against non-fans, using category, interest and demo targeting to reach the right consumer to buy


  • High engagement:
  • Top ads drove 4% CTR
  • Drove 3,500 Page Likes
  • Cost effective clicks: $0.23 CPC
  • Drove $172,483 in revenue ($1988% ROAS)

Client Case Study #2 (Real Estate Vertical)


  • Drive awareness and consideration of the Client’s brand and market divisions to the right target audiences


  • Expand digital marketing efforts to include Facebook where we are able to target more effectively using Facebook audience targeting segments as well as get lower CPC’s compared to Paid Search
  • Targeting included:  demographic, geographic, psychographic and interests
  • Ran a preliminary campaign for 2 months to test new approach and validate targeting
  • Ad Type:  Newsfeed


  • Cheaper CPCs by 82%
  • Specific Division Success:
  • 3 homes SOLD (2 more closing)
  • 50% of buyers stated they had never heard of Client Brand prior to seeing ad
  • 2 buyers referenced seeing ad on Facebook and it influencing their decision to engage Client Brand

Client Case Study #3 (Retail Vertical)

Challenge: A client experiencing competitive inflation in paid search environment.

Approach: Search Discovery presented a targeted Facebook campaign to customer segments and pet owners to drive sales at a low cost


  • 63% cheaper CPC compared to Paid Search
  • 61% reduction in cost per conversion
  • 2547% ROAS

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