Facebook Graph Search

by Omri Levin, Digital Media Manager

Facebook”s much awaited announcement turns out to be Graph Search, a new socially-powered search engine integrated into the Facebook user interface.  You can sign up now to join the waitlist or wait until Graph Search is rolled out for everyone.

Users will have the ability to include social modifiers in their searches.  For example, if I search “Married friends who live in Atlanta, GA”, Facebook will, you guessed it, provide a list of my friends who are married and live in Atlanta.

Facebook Graph Search brings up a big question for advertisers:  Now that the biggest social media website has spielautomaten online entered the search space, how soon will search advertising be available and what functionality will it provide?  The possibilities are quite broad.

Imagine being able to serve an ad dynamically to users who are searching for restaurants that their friends have liked?  Local restaurants could promote themselves to the top of results and include discount offers.  With this new functionality, restaurants may incentivize patrons to check in through Facebook and review their restaurants.

While Facebook Places and Offers have yet to prove their success, Graph Search could be the turning point for this social media beast turned search engine.

What are your thoughts?  Does this bring up privacy issues?  What will you use Graph Search for?

By Omri Levin


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