Facebook Announces New Advertising Platform

Facebook Announced DSP with Atlas

In 2013 Facebook acquired Atlas, an ad serving platform, from Microsoft Corp. In the first week of October 2014, Facebook announced they will be releasing a new version of the platform that offers advertisers the ability to use Facebook user data as targeting in their own Demand Side Platform (DSP). While other DSPs use cookies to approximate data of a given device, Facebook has access to cross device and real world data based on individual customers’ profiles, behaviors, and transactions.

The combined data from Facebook and Atlas is monumental and with the capabilities out of the gate to change our industry and impact the way agencies and companies manage media, especially mobile media. Since cookies are not able to work on a mobile device (how the other DSPs measure), the ability to use real world data (that’s even more accurate than cookie data!) on a mobile device gives Atlas an advantage over other ad serving platforms. Additionally, Facebook can see cross device behavior of users logged in to their Facebook accounts, once again connecting the dots across devices. Since customers are choosing mobile devices (including tablets) more and more over desktops and laptops, this announcement is guaranteed to shake up the advertising and digital media industry.

Another added value is the DSP’s promise to be able to track conversions and actions, potentially even offline actions, back to the user via email addresses provided in-store. This could open the opportunity of retargeting across devices, wherever the user is active online. The user could make a purchase at an offline POS, provide an email address, and then can be retargeted online from that same retailer.

While all of this is exciting, the biggest part of the story is the accuracy. Cross platform, including offline, accurate tracking tied to a Facebook ID where users are spending extensive amounts of time and sharing large amounts of personal data can cause big changes in the media industry.

Check back in for a follow-up blog highlighting the potential impact of Atlas!

Here’s a link to the announcement from the Wall Street Journal.

Co-Authored by Jillian Ahee and Omri Levin

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