Facebook Announced DSP with Atlas

In 2013 Face­book acquired Atlas, an ad serv­ing plat­form, from Microsoft Corp. In the first week of Octo­ber 2014, Face­book announced they will be releas­ing a new ver­sion of the plat­form that offers adver­tis­ers the abil­i­ty to use Face­book user data as tar­get­ing in their own Demand Side Plat­form (DSP). While oth­er DSPs use cook­ies to approx­i­mate data of a giv­en device, Face­book has access to cross device and real world data based on indi­vid­ual cus­tomers’ pro­files, behav­iors, and trans­ac­tions.

The com­bined data from Face­book and Atlas is mon­u­men­tal and with the capa­bil­i­ties out of the gate to change our indus­try and impact the way agen­cies and com­pa­nies man­age media, espe­cial­ly mobile media. Since cook­ies are not able to work on a mobile device (how the oth­er DSPs mea­sure), the abil­i­ty to use real world data (that’s even more accu­rate than cook­ie data!) on a mobile device gives Atlas an advan­tage over oth­er ad serv­ing plat­forms. Addi­tion­al­ly, Face­book can see cross device behav­ior of users logged in to their Face­book accounts, once again con­nect­ing the dots across devices. Since cus­tomers are choos­ing mobile devices (includ­ing tablets) more and more over desk­tops and lap­tops, this announce­ment is guar­an­teed to shake up the adver­tis­ing and dig­i­tal media indus­try.

Anoth­er added val­ue is the DSP’s promise to be able to track con­ver­sions and actions, poten­tial­ly even offline actions, back to the user via email address­es pro­vid­ed in-store. This could open the oppor­tu­ni­ty of retar­get­ing across devices, wher­ev­er the user is active online. The user could make a pur­chase at an offline POS, pro­vide an email address, and then can be retar­get­ed online from that same retail­er.

While all of this is excit­ing, the biggest part of the sto­ry is the accu­ra­cy. Cross plat­form, includ­ing offline, accu­rate track­ing tied to a Face­book ID where users are spend­ing exten­sive amounts of time and shar­ing large amounts of per­son­al data can cause big changes in the media indus­try.

Check back in for a fol­low-up blog high­light­ing the poten­tial impact of Atlas!

Here’s a link to the announce­ment from the Wall Street Jour­nal.

Co-Authored by Jil­lian Ahee and Omri Levin