As a reseller of Google Analyt­ics Premium during the pilot phase, we received the same ques­tions about the offer­ing from many differ­ent people.  Here are some answers to ques­tions you may have:

How do I imple­ment GA Premium?

**The imple­men­ta­tion works exactly the same as stan­dard Google Analyt­ics.  You use the same code snippet on your site and Google will enable the Premium func­tion­al­ity for your web prop­erty ID.  For either GA Stan­dard *or *Premium, our imple­men­ta­tion tech­nol­ogy, Satel­lite, can greatly expe­dite your imple­men­ta­tion time so you can start analyz­ing sooner.

What does it look like?

While GA Premium offers some advanced report­ing features like more custom vari­ables and Attri­bu­tion Model­ing for Multi-Channel Funnels, the inter­face itself is almost iden­ti­cal to the stan­dard inter­face.

Here are some of the key differ­ences you’ll notice in the web inter­face:

  • When you click the “Down­load” button on a report, you will have the option to request an “Unsam­pled Down­load”
  • There will be an “Unsam­pled Down­loads” section in the Custom Reports tab
  • Premium-only features, such as Attri­bu­tion Model­ing, will be found only in accounts where Premium is acti­vated
  • Up to 50 custom vari­ables will be avail­able in the Custom Report builder

Who can I buy it from?

You can buy GA Premium from Search Discovery or any of the other resellers approved by Google.  You can also buy it directly from Google.  All resellers are Google Analyt­ics Certi­fied Part­ners, and have also under­gone a sepa­rate appli­ca­tion process so Google is assured that all Premium clients will receive at least the same level of service that Google them­selves can provide.

What are the key advan­tages of using GAP versus GA stan­dard?

Choos­ing between Premium and stan­dard greatly depends on your organization’s needs.  Google wants to ensure that customers who value guar­an­teed avail­abil­ity, dedi­cated services and support, and unsam­pled data can get every­thing they need from Google Analyt­ics.  GA Premium is a great solu­tion for larger enter­prises with very sophis­ti­cated analyt­ics needs.  For smaller busi­nesses that don’t neces­sar­ily need features like 50 custom vari­ables or 4‑hour data fresh­ness, the stan­dard version could be a better fit.

Can I upgrade to GA Premium and keep my exist­ing GA account?

Absolutely.  All we need to know is your web prop­erty ID (UA-XXXXX-YY) and Google enables the Premium func­tion­al­ity on their side.  You won’t lose any histor­i­cal data and no re-tagging is neces­sary.

How are the “hits” defined in the data process­ing limi­ta­tions?

A “hit” is any request sent to the Google Analyt­ics servers, so beyond your typical pageview calls, every request for an event, virtual pageview or trans­ac­tion also counts toward that total.  The maximum hits for each GA Premium imple­men­ta­tion is 1 billion per month.  You can spread the 1 billion across multi­ple web prop­er­ties, but it can only be applied to one busi­ness or enter­prise.

If I don’t upgrade, does this change anything about my current imple­men­ta­tion of GA stan­dard?

No, as it stands today, your stan­dard imple­men­ta­tion of Google Analyt­ics remains the same and you will continue to be able to use all of its power­ful features.  Google has repeat­edly empha­sized that they are more commit­ted than ever to the stan­dard version of the tool and will continue to inno­vate and improve features.

Have another ques­tion that we haven’t answered here?  Please contact us for more infor­ma­tion.