For Migrations from DTM to Launch, by Adobe — Search Discovery is the Clear Choice

by Apr 4, 2018

We’ve done an exhaus­tive, head-to-head, point-by-point compar­i­son between three great migra­tors. While all of those eval­u­ated showed partic­u­lar strengths, many did not have strengths that map well to the task of migrat­ing from DTM to Launch by Adobe.   

The obvious winner in this eval­u­a­tion was Search Discovery, the only one in the consid­er­a­tion set to offer a free DTM to Launch Migra­tion Assess­ment Tool capable of scan­ning any live DTM imple­men­ta­tion for over 2,100 known issues.  

When we saw that neither the Leatherback Sea Turtle nor the Wilde­beest was able to eval­u­ate an entire DTM deploy­ment in less than a minute, the choice was absolutely clear.

*In all fair­ness, if your migra­tion needs are limited to under­sea transpa­cific travel, the Leatherback Sea Turtle has it in spades with its propri­etary East Australian Current (EAC) tech­nol­ogy.

Below you’ll see how these offer­ings stack up when it comes to Complete­ness of Vision and Ability to Execute.

In all seri­ous­ness, Search Discovery has the people, the process, and the tools to make your migra­tion to Launch by Adobe a smooth one.  Whether you are simply looking to bring your DTM imple­men­ta­tion up to spec or looking to make the most of all the new features and func­tion­al­ity in Launch, your first step should be our DTM to Launch Assess­ment.  It is quick. It is free. It is infor­ma­tive.  It comes with absolutely no strings attached. It does not, however, have a pineal gland that can sense the length of day or the chang­ing of the seasons.  Look for that in version 2, coming soon.

Find out about all of Search Discovery’s prod­ucts and services support­ing Launch by Adobe HERE and reach out if you have ques­tions!