It’s Friday and I thought it would be fun to give away some digital goodies. I’m lucky enough to have a cool brand to play with in Satel­lite and I’m given a lot of oppor­tu­ni­ties to do some neat wall­pa­pers. I’ve made a bunch of these avail­able for down­load today. Each are avail­able in Desktop and iPad sizes Enjoy!

1. Satellite Sky

Our lovely Satel­lite logo embla­zoned across the heavens.


Down­load Desktop Wall­pa­per  |  Down­load iPad Wall­pa­per

2. Satellite Space Man

This was one of the first Satel­lite illus­tra­tions I did here. It’s just a simple throw-back design.


Down­load Desktop Wall­pa­per  |  Down­load iPad Wall­pa­per

3. Keep Calm

We’ve all seen those “Keep Calm & Carry On” posters. This is our version. There’s a whole rainbow of colors to choose from.


Down­load Desktop Wall­pa­pers (.ZIP)  |  Down­load iPad Wall­pa­per (.ZIP)