by Angela Jones, Digital Media Manager

With the recent intro­duc­tion of Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords, the impor­tance of mobile website opti­miza­tion is clearer than ever. We’ve been aware of the chang­ing land­scape of search behav­ior across devices since smart­phones and tablets were intro­duced, but now that Google has taken the step to tailor campaigns to simplify manage­ment across multi­ple devices, we’re encour­aged to again ask the ques­tion: “Is your website mobile-friendly?” If new Enhanced Campaigns are partly designed to increase the adop­tion rate of mobile adver­tis­ing, we need to address what is, arguably, the most impor­tant compo­nent of the ad: the landing page.

An ad’s landing page for a mobile device should effec­tively display content that is most desired by consumers on the go. The page should be fast, legible, brief and, in many cases, should satisfy local search intent like the below Domino’s Pizza example offer­ing the ‘Find a Store’ option.

There is a general consen­sus across recent studies that adver­tis­ers who have created apps have yet to launch a mobile version of their website. The amount of plan­ning, research, and budget required to create a mobile-opti­mized landing page can often serve as a deter­rent to the creation of a mobile site. Many compa­nies are unaware of some simple and inex­pen­sive options that exist out there such as GoMo by Google. Similar to solu­tions like Fiddle­Fly and DudaMo­bile, GoMo provides busi­nesses with a free (for the first year, $9/mo. there­after) mobile opti­miza­tion tool with a customiz­able layout. You can visit and enter your website’s URL into the GoMoMe­ter to see what your current site would look like on a smart­phone. GoMo then provides you with a report on what’s working and what you can do better. From there, you can build your site with one of their easy site build­ing templates within a matter of minutes. Once your mobile site is ready, we can put it to work by imple­ment­ing it into our overall campaign strat­egy that allows us to use the new Enhanced Campaign device target­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties to the fullest.

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