by Angela Jones, Dig­i­tal Media Man­ag­er

With the recent intro­duc­tion of Enhanced Cam­paigns for AdWords, the impor­tance of mobile web­site opti­miza­tion is clear­er than ever. We’ve been aware of the chang­ing land­scape of search behav­ior across devices since smart­phones and tablets were intro­duced, but now that Google has tak­en the step to tai­lor cam­paigns to sim­pli­fy man­age­ment across mul­ti­ple devices, we’re encour­aged to again ask the ques­tion: “Is your web­site mobile-friend­ly?” If new Enhanced Cam­paigns are part­ly designed to increase the adop­tion rate of mobile adver­tis­ing, we need to address what is, arguably, the most impor­tant com­po­nent of the ad: the land­ing page.

An ad’s land­ing page for a mobile device should effec­tive­ly dis­play con­tent that is most desired by con­sumers on the go. The page should be fast, leg­i­ble, brief and, in many cas­es, should sat­is­fy local search intent like the below Domino’s Piz­za exam­ple offer­ing the ‘Find a Store’ option.

There is a gen­er­al con­sen­sus across recent stud­ies that adver­tis­ers who have cre­at­ed apps have yet to launch a mobile ver­sion of their web­site. The amount of plan­ning, research, and bud­get required to cre­ate a mobile-opti­mized land­ing page can often serve as a deter­rent to the cre­ation of a mobile site. Many com­pa­nies are unaware of some sim­ple and inex­pen­sive options that exist out there such as GoMo by Google. Sim­i­lar to solu­tions like Fid­dle­Fly and DudaMo­bile, GoMo pro­vides busi­ness­es with a free (for the first year, $9/mo. there­after) mobile opti­miza­tion tool with a cus­tomiz­able lay­out. You can vis­it and enter your website’s URL into the GoMoMe­ter to see what your cur­rent site would look like on a smart­phone. GoMo then pro­vides you with a report on what’s work­ing and what you can do bet­ter. From there, you can build your site with one of their easy site build­ing tem­plates with­in a mat­ter of min­utes. Once your mobile site is ready, we can put it to work by imple­ment­ing it into our over­all cam­paign strat­e­gy that allows us to use the new Enhanced Cam­paign device tar­get­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties to the fullest.

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