Last week we updated you on Google”s change to the display URL in ad copy.  Google continues to make changes to ad copy this week – this time to description line 1.

Google is changing the placement of description line 1 for certain ads that appear in the top positions above the search results on  Any description line 1 that ends in punctuation (a period or exclamation point) may now be  moved to the headline and separated by a dash; the result is longer headlines.

Before Ad Copy UpdateBefore Ad Copy Update

After Ad Copy UpdateAfter Ad Copy Update

This change is being made because Google believes it improves both user experience and advertiser performance, as it allows users casino online to view relevant information from advertisers more quickly and easily.  It affects all advertisers whose ads appear in the top positions on Google and have a description line 1 that ends in punctuation.

In order to be eligible for this copy modification, you must be in the top positions on Google. Your ad must also have a description line 1 that ends with a period or exclamation point. If you do not want your description line 1 moved to the headline, edit description line 1 so that it does not end in a period or exclamation point.

Have questions about this latest change? Contact your Search Discovery team for more information.

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