Last week we updat­ed you on Google”s change to the dis­play URL in ad copy.  Google con­tin­ues to make changes to ad copy this week – this time to descrip­tion line 1.

Google is chang­ing the place­ment of descrip­tion line 1 for cer­tain ads that appear in the top posi­tions above the search results on  Any descrip­tion line 1 that ends in punc­tu­a­tion (a peri­od or excla­ma­tion point) may now be  moved to the head­line and sep­a­rat­ed by a dash; the result is longer head­lines.

Before Ad Copy UpdateBefore Ad Copy Update
After Ad Copy UpdateAfter Ad Copy Update

This change is being made because Google believes it improves both user expe­ri­ence and adver­tis­er per­for­mance, as it allows users casi­no online to view rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion from adver­tis­ers more quick­ly and eas­i­ly.  It affects all adver­tis­ers whose ads appear in the top posi­tions on Google and have a descrip­tion line 1 that ends in punc­tu­a­tion.

In order to be eli­gi­ble for this copy mod­i­fi­ca­tion, you must be in the top posi­tions on Google. Your ad must also have a descrip­tion line 1 that ends with a peri­od or excla­ma­tion point. If you do not want your descrip­tion line 1 moved to the head­line, edit descrip­tion line 1 so that it does not end in a peri­od or excla­ma­tion point.

Have ques­tions about this lat­est change? Con­tact your Search Dis­cov­ery team for more infor­ma­tion.