New Con­ver­sion-aware Cre­ative Rota­tion (CaCR)

On Wednes­day, Feb­ru­ary 23, Google launched Con­ver­sion-aware Cre­ative Rota­tion, which allows adver­tis­ers to opti­mize for con­ver­sions. Pre­vi­ous­ly, the only two options for ad rota­tion were “Opti­mize For Clicks” (ads that are expect­ed to pro­vide more clicks show more often) and “Rotate” (ads show more even­ly). The new third option allows adver­tis­ers to show ads that are expect­ed to pro­vide more con­ver­sions more often.

To use the new option, you will need to have Con­ver­sion Track­ing enabled on your Google AdWords account, as the data gath­ered from it deter­mines which ad is most like­ly to receive con­ver­sions.  If there is not enough con­ver­sion data to make a deci­sion, Google will show the ad that is most like­ly to receive clicks.

*Hourly Con­ver­sion Stats Com­ing Soon! *

Soon you”ll be able to view con­ver­sion sta­tis­tics by hour of day with­in the AdWords inter­face. To view this data, you”ll need to be using AdWords con­ver­sion track­ing. Hourly data will be avail­able with­in the Dimen­sions tab in the inter­face. Keep in mind con­ver­sions are attrib­uted to the time of click, which may vary from the actu­al time of con­ver­sion.

To learn more about CaCR and hourly con­ver­sion data, con­tact your Search Dis­cov­ery team.