Change to Text Ads Display URLs

In the coming weeks, Google will be chang­ing the appear­ance of the display URLs of all AdWords ads that appear on Google and on search part­ners’ sites so that the domain portion will always be shown in lower­case letters. This is for searches performed from desktop and laptop comput­ers and from mobile devices. Google is making this change because they believe it improves the user expe­ri­ence and adver­tiser perfor­mance; stream­lin­ing the appear­ance of the search results page and increas­ing the consis­tency of the URLs that are shown. In prelim­i­nary Google testing, Google saw that updat­ing the display URL increased the perfor­mance of ads CTR.

This change applies to all AdWords adver­tis­ers and affects the domain portion of the display URL, includ­ing any subdo­mains, but does not impact any subdi­rec­to­ries or folders. For example, “” will be shown as “” after the change.

No action is neces­sary as any upper­case letters in clients’ ads’ display URL domains will auto­mat­i­cally be changed to lower­case when the ads are served.

This change does not affect ads on the Google Display Network, includ­ing text ads, at this time. If you have any ques­tions, please reach out to your Search Discovery team.