One of the joys of using Satel­lite is see­ing the com­plex things become man­age­able and the sim­ple things made easy, one such exam­ple is set­ting up Google Ana­lyt­ics cross domain track­ing.   Set­ting this up should be an easy process but a quick search on google shows that there is a sur­pris­ing­ly large amount of infor­ma­tion, 1.4 mil­lion results, on the top­ic and it can become a con­fus­ing and frus­trat­ing process.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 7.32.44 PM

Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking Configuration for Satellite

Step 1:   Check the “This site spans mul­ti­ple domains” option in the web prop­er­ty con­fig­u­ra­tion screen.

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 6.58.27 AM

Step 2.   There is no step 2.  That’s it. You have done it!  Pat your­self on the back, put your feet up on your desk while lis­ten­ing to the theme music from Rocky.

Continual Improvements

The process of nev­er stop­ping the inno­va­tion is fun­da­men­tal to the team at Search Dis­cov­ery and our pas­sion for cre­at­ing the best prod­ucts in the dig­i­tal intel­li­gence indus­try dri­ves us to make sure that we make things that are not only cool, but prod­ucts and fea­tures that will make you job eas­i­er.  Things that will allow you to get out of the weeds with the day to day tasks that con­sume so much of your time that you nev­er get to items on your list that will have the biggest impact for your com­pa­ny. Buck­le up, the ride is just begin­ning.