As if Scribe, “” and Apps Integration weren”t enough, on Wednesday, Google launched its new “Instant Search” platform. Considering it took 10 seconds for Google to return results just a decade ago, Instant search is a major advance in search technology. This update (one of 500 this year) has been available internally and to a selected group of “Trusted Testers” for months. So, I asked Googlers Matt Cutts and Michael “Wysz” Wyszomierski how they like Instant search. Wysz said he likes the increased speed Instant search offers, and the calculator, which he said “updates as you type“. Matt on the other hand, said he likes the suggest / auto-complete functionality Instant search offers.

Make no mistake, this update is intended to help users and increase Google”s already gargantuan market share. It has taken users in the past, nine seconds on average to submit a query, while Google takes less than half a second to return results, users on average still need 15 seconds to find their desired result in SERPs. Google hopes Instant search results will change the way we search and reduce the time necessary by 5 seconds or more per query. At face value, 5 seconds per query may not sound like much but, those extra seconds really add up over a lifetime. According Google”s VP Marissa Mayer, 11 hours a year can be saved for every second spent searching thanks to Google”s new “Instant” interface. That gives everyone 11 extra hours a year to, you guessed it, search.

Google Instant search actually begins compiling before users even finish typing a query. Google”s goal is to provide instant results to users. To do that, Google has combined AJAX, predictive query modeling and their new scroll to search feature. Studies have proven that increased speed increases queries. Increased query volume in turn, increases Google”s bottom line. In addition to the desktop / laptop version, you can expect to see Google Instant results on mobile devices later this year.

According to Google, Instant search results have little impact on SEO but, PPC and analytics issues are possible.

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