As if Scribe, “” and Apps Inte­gra­tion weren”t enough, on Wednes­day, Google launched its new “Instant Search” plat­form. Con­sid­er­ing it took 10 sec­onds for Google to return results just a decade ago, Instant search is a major advance in search tech­nol­o­gy. This update (one of 500 this year) has been avail­able inter­nal­ly and to a select­ed group of “Trust­ed Testers” for months. So, I asked Googlers Matt Cutts and Michael “Wysz” Wys­zomier­s­ki how they like Instant search. Wysz said he likes the increased speed Instant search offers, and the cal­cu­la­tor, which he said “updates as you type“. Matt on the oth­er hand, said he likes the sug­gest / auto-com­plete func­tion­al­i­ty Instant search offers.

Make no mis­take, this update is intend­ed to help users and increase Google”s already gar­gan­tu­an mar­ket share. It has tak­en users in the past, nine sec­onds on aver­age to sub­mit a query, while Google takes less than half a sec­ond to return results, users on aver­age still need 15 sec­onds to find their desired result in SERPs. Google hopes Instant search results will change the way we search and reduce the time nec­es­sary by 5 sec­onds or more per query. At face val­ue, 5 sec­onds per query may not sound like much but, those extra sec­onds real­ly add up over a life­time. Accord­ing Google”s VP Maris­sa May­er, 11 hours a year can be saved for every sec­ond spent search­ing thanks to Google”s new “Instant” inter­face. That gives every­one 11 extra hours a year to, you guessed it, search.

Google Instant search actu­al­ly begins com­pil­ing before users even fin­ish typ­ing a query. Google”s goal is to pro­vide instant results to users. To do that, Google has com­bined AJAX, pre­dic­tive query mod­el­ing and their new scroll to search fea­ture. Stud­ies have proven that increased speed increas­es queries. Increased query vol­ume in turn, increas­es Google”s bot­tom line. In addi­tion to the desk­top / lap­top ver­sion, you can expect to see Google Instant results on mobile devices lat­er this year.

Accord­ing to Google, Instant search results have lit­tle impact on SEO but, PPC and ana­lyt­ics issues are pos­si­ble.

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