Google Page Speed Tool Hints Engine’s Focus

There are a lot of great tools out there to determine and analyze the speed of your site. Google’s recently launched has the potential to cut through the information overload generally associated with these types of tools. It aims to provide a simple analysis for Search Engine Optimization and information that will help improve your site’s performance.

old.searchdiscoveryPage Speed Online is easy to use even for the novice. Simply enter a URL and let Google calculate the page speed score along with a list of suggestions for improvement. The best part? There is no need to install any software or browser plugins.

Google organizes improvement suggestions as high, medium, and low priority. High priority items include suggestions that represent the largest potential performance increase with the least amount of development effort. Lower priority suggestions are solutions that would only bring about a minimal increase in performance. Page Speed also provides a helpful “rules without suggestions” list, which lays out the performance problems your site has already fixed. From minimizing redirects to optimizing images, Page Speed will tell you the technical reasons behind why your site may not be performing at the level you would like.

old.searchdiscovery 11In addition, Page Speed Online provides the ability to analyze the performance of your mobile site, a first for any tool of this kind. Given the exponential growth of mobile web browsing, Google Page Speed is sure to be a go-to resource for mobile SEO analysis.

One of Google’s top priorities is to improve the overall speed of the Internet. Thus, page load time is increasingly an important factor in a site’s Google rankings. Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, recently stated that improving page speed should be one of web masters’ top priorities. In this way, it is crucial you recognize the potential SEO improvements that may increase your site performance. Google’s Page Speed Online provides a simpler way to do just that.

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