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Today, Google announced the launch of Google+, touted by some as Google’s answer to Facebook.  Below are helpful links and demos to help you understand Google+.

google plus logo

What is Google+?

  • Google+ is a project aiming to make sharing on the web more like sharing in the real world.
  • The Google+ project is launching in Field Trial today in 44 languages. Field Trial includes a limited number of people who will receive an invite to sign up and join the project. Shortly thereafter, these early Google+ users will then be permitted to invite others, and usage will grow.
  • The +1 button was the first product we released as part of the Google+ project. The +1 button helps provide recommendations to friends and contacts on Google search. Now, in addition to +1’ing pages across the web, people can also use +1 to show their support for posts in Google+.
  • There are currently no advertising opportunities with Google+ – Stay tuned for more info on ways businesses can engage users with Google+!

Where can I find more info?

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