We are proud to announce that Search Discovery has become one of the first Google Tag Manager Certi­fied Part­ners to be certi­fied in the new Google Tag Manager Certi­fi­ca­tion program.

Orig­i­nally certi­fied in 2011, Search Discovery has had a long rela­tion­ship with the Google Analyt­ics and Google Tag Manager Certi­fied Partner programs. Today, we are contin­u­ing to lead the way and posi­tion ourselves to serve the measure­ment needs of marketers. We have worked hard to be one of the first Digital Analyt­ics agen­cies to recer­tify as a Google Tag Manager Certi­fied Partner. As one of the most used tag manage­ment solu­tions on the market, Google Tag Manager contin­ues to see wide spread adop­tion by marketers at all levels, and advance­ments in its tech­nol­ogy through Google’s ongoing engi­neer­ing efforts.

To be certi­fied under the new require­ments, Google Certi­fied Part­ners must demon­strate their exper­tise through passing an exam created by Google, and provid­ing exam­ples of client work that exem­pli­fies the value deliv­ered by the agency. We are commit­ted to invest­ing in our Google Analyt­ics and Google Tag Manager part­ner­ships, and this initia­tive further demon­strates our commit­ment to our Google part­ner­ship and our belief in their solu­tions.

This certi­fi­ca­tion comes on the heels of Search Discovery winning the 2015 Google Analyt­ics Award for Excel­lence at this year’s Google Analyt­ics Summit, an annual event for Google Analyt­ics Certi­fied Part­ners to meet and discuss advance­ments being made to the Google Analyt­ics ecosys­tem, and to honor part­ners that deliver their clients excep­tional value. You can read more about this award here.

Search Discovery is helping orga­ni­za­tions trans­form their market­ing orga­ni­za­tions through the effec­tive collec­tion and use of data. Let us know how our team can help you.