by Carolina Beltrán, Digital Media Super­vi­sor

I”ve gotten so many inquiries this week about video adver­tis­ing. What”s going on? You want to promote that Harlem Shake video you did. Am I right?

Today, we”ll talk about your options with Google/YouTube, but know there are other video sharing websites out there offer­ing adver­tis­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties. Since YouTube is the #1 online video desti­na­tion, we”ll start with it.

To start adver­tis­ing your video, you”ll need to load it into your YouTube channel first. Once that”s been done, you have four video adver­tis­ing options avail­able through Google AdWords (where video adver­tis­ing campaigns are created and managed). Collec­tively, the four video ad options are called True­View – they”re a family of ad formats where you pay only when a viewer chooses to watch your ad, not when an impres­sion is served. This enables folks to watch more ads they find inter­est­ing and fewer ads they find less so. With True­View, every­one wins: Viewers choose ads that are rele­vant to them and you reach people who are keen to hear your message.

So without further ado, here”s what you need to know about each True­View format:

TrueView In-Stream Ads

  • In-stream ads play like a TV-style ad before, during or after another video from a YouTube partner.
  • Viewers see 5 seconds of your promoted video and then can keep watch­ing or skip it.

- You pay if they watch for at least 30 seconds or to the end of the video (whichever is less).

TrueView In-Stream

TrueView In-Search Ads

  • Your video appears in a special promoted section of the video search results pages on YouTube and Google video results.
  • You pay only when a viewer chooses to watch your video.
  • Type a popular search such as “smart phones” into the YouTube search box to see a sample ad

TrueView In-Search

TrueView In-Slate Ads

  • In-slate ads show before YouTube partner videos that are 10 minutes or longer.
  • Viewers choose to watch one of three ads (yours included) or see regular commer­cial breaks during their video instead.

- You pay only when viewers choose to watch your video.

TrueView In-Slate

TrueView In-Display Ads

- Your ads appear along­side other YouTube videos, or on websites on the Google Display Network that match your target audi­ence.
— You pay only when a viewer chooses to watch your video.
— How your ad appears depends on the publisher – a YouTube “suggested” video is shown in the picture.

TrueView In-Display


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