Why the Office is Empty on Halloween

Every year on October 31st, our office is a ghost town. No, this isn’t a result of the zombie apocalypse. Rather, Halloween is a company holiday here at Search Discovery!

Most companies don’t give their team the day off on Halloween, so why do we? Turns out that question isn’t so easy to answer. Ask our team, and you’ll get a range of responses.

Some say that we have kids to thank:

I think it’s a company holiday because of people with kids haha. But no clue TBH.
I remember the parents of young kids always left work, and that was true everywhere.

Others blame it on Atlanta traffic:

Hard to get home to kids in ATL for trick or treating I hear.
It’s because of traffic lol.

Some are convinced they’re the reason for the holiday:

So I can turn my home into a zombie dystopia.
So I have all day to set up my complicated terror machines.

And others just keep it succinct:

2 reasons — bad traffic and we needed another holiday.
Because Halloween.

micahwedemeyer 1477424430700

We let Search Discovery’s President, Mike Gustafson, give the final verdict.

“Part of the reason is that October is a long month, and we wanted to space out the company holidays,” says Mike. “But also, traffic in Atlanta on Halloween is horrible. Back when most employees worked in the office, people left early on Halloween because of traffic or to be with their kids anyway. So we just made Halloween a holiday.”

And there you have it folks! Whatever the reason, the Search Discovery team is happy to spend Halloween with their families and friends (and especially not sitting in Atlanta traffic!). Throughout our organization, we value a strong work-life balance, and having Halloween off is just one example of it.

If you’d like to join our crop of ghouls and goblins, be sure to check out our careers page. Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

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