Satellite TMS is now Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Today, Adobe unveiled the integration of Satellite into the Adobe Marketing Cloud. As stated by Senior Platform Product Manager Dave McNamee, the newly named Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (Adobe DTM) is now available to all existing Adobe Marketing Cloud customers at no additional cost.  Even more exciting, Adobe also stated that Adobe DTM would soon be freely available to anyone in the world, as a stand-alone free technology.

Partner with Search Discovery

Getting your hands on Adobe DTM for existing customers will be as easy as logging in as it is now part of their marketing cloud interface.  For non-Adobe customers, patience will be a virtue as we all wait and see when the public option is released. The second question for Adobe DTM customers will quickly be, “What are the best practices and how do I leverage such a powerful solution?” Well, the best option is right here at Search Discovery. As the creators of Satellite, no one in the world has more experience helping Fortune 500 brands leverage the powerful options within Adobe DTM than us. Why risk letting someone learn on your dime when Search Discovery has dedicated teams with experience installing hundreds of instances of Adobe DTM with amazing brands looking to increase the sophistication of all of their technologies from web analytics tools to voice of customer to multivariate tools.  We will be working directly with customers and partnering with Adobe to satisfy the wave of Adobe DTM customers looking to improve their digital businesses.

Undefeated Champion

While under the Satellite flag, the Adobe DTM technology was undefeated in competitive proofs of concept. Coined by us as a “Blind POC” our teams often distributed branded blindfolds asking prospective customers to ignore the sales hype and put Satellite into a head to head POC.  By asking prospects to install Satellite and any other set of TMS providers such as BrightTag, Ensighten, or Tealium in a head to head proof of concept, Satellite demonstrated its superior technology, overcoming the sales hype and misdirection.  In order to level the playing field and make it a true Blind POC, prospective TMS buyers were asked not to disclose to any TMS vendor what questions or requirements would be asked of them in the live demonstration. As we described it “That’s where the rubber hits the road.” Ask any TMS provider if they can do something and the response is always yes. Ask them if the TMS is easy to use, fast and powerful, you always get a resounding yes.  Ask a TMS provider to install a web analytics tool in a complex real world scenario, that’s when the wheels start coming off. And that is why Satellite never lost a Blind POC, and why Adobe recognized Satellite as the market leader.

Because of the amazing service team at SDI and Satellite’s unmatched power and agility, companies like AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and Ticketmaster choose Satellite time after time. With the announcement of Adobe DTM not only being free, but also eventually being available to non-Adobe Marketing Cloud customers, never before has the decision for deploying tag management been so simple. As for the other TMS providers that are also free, Adobe DTM shatters the concept of what is possible as the only enterprise level TMS with a proven track record of handling the most advanced TMS requirements.

Introducing Adobe DTM

Adobe Systems acquired Satellite TMS from Search Discovery in July 2013 to replace their existing tag management product.  As a leader in the TMS space, Satellite was unparalleled at installing not just the plethora of ever expanding 3rd party marketing pixels that digital marketers need, but more importantly, specialized at installing and increasing the sophistication of the most important and complex measurement technologies of enterprise marketers. With the only true web analytics integration of any TMS provider, installing tools like Adobe Analytics, Target, and Google Analytics with Adobe DTM is a game changing solution for these mission critical technologies.

As stated by Dave McNamee of Adobe, one of the most common challenges in digital marketing is getting technologies in place and making them actionable.  To solve this challenge, Adobe announces Dynamic Tag Management, an exciting new capability of the Adobe Marketing Cloud for managing the tagging and data distribution of web properties. Dynamic Tag Management makes deploying and managing digital marketing services easier than ever and lets marketers focus on getting results from their digital properties without worrying about code and deployment processes.

Adobe DTM is better than other solutions on the market because it not only provides world class tag management functionality, but it also provides innovative tools for distributing data across all digital marketing systems, independent of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  The next question everyone will be asking is what about neutrality? Will Adobe Dynamic Tag Management continue to support tools like Google Analytics? YES. Not only is it going to retain the powerful integrations with tools such as Google Analytics, but it will remain an open platform for installing any technology a marketer needs to accomplish their goals.

Dynamic Tag Management enables digital marketers to think about visitor interactions and the results they want to achieve like no other tag management solution on the market.  These interactions are captured in powerful rules that drive visitor experience and data collection.  The events and conditions built natively into Dynamic Tag Management provide ultimate power and flexibility in determining whether an action or set of actions should be taken.  The result is blazingly fast implementation of ultra-sophisticated digital marketing workflows, with no involvement from IT and no dependency on extra server calls.  It’s the best of all worlds.  To further enable digital marketers to deliver relevant and personalized experiences in real-time, Adobe is providing Dynamic Tag Management as a complimentary capability within the Adobe Marketing Cloud, facilitating tag management and data distribution capabilities of all Marketing Cloud solutions.

Contact us today to learn how to get your live demo of Adobe DTM and learn how Search Discovery’s services team with years of experience not only creating but installing this solution on world-class brands could change your digital business today.

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