Heuristic Analysis: Challenge Your Biases, Think Differently

Heuristic analysis (heuristic evaluation) can help a/b test practitioners formulate high-value test ideas that lead to actionable insights. This is 1 of 6 structured ideation techniques (decision-making techniques for formulating optimization or experimentation hypotheses) we cover in our comprehensive guide.
This is the fourth post in a series that outlines ideation techniques to develop customer-centric test hypotheses. Use these methods to power your experimentation platform and your a/b testing program.

This blog series complements our free eBook, Structured Ideation Methods to Drive High Value Ideas. Created in partnership with Conductrics, our in-depth guide helps you build a foundation for a thriving experimentation program.

All You Need to Know about Powering Your Tests with High-Value Ideas.


In the previous chapter, we covered the second ideation method, comparative research, and how you can use it to understand customer experiences across different products and domains. The third (of six) ideation method for developing ideation practices and maturing your optimization program is heuristic analysis.

Chapter 4: Heuristic Analysis

Simply put, a heuristic is something that’s been known to work before. Heuristic analysis, then, is a framework for looking at your website (or page or app experience) through the lens of a method that has helped others in the past to make judgements about its quality or effectiveness.

The discipline of heuristic analysis draws on insights from neuroscience, psychology, the science of persuasion, and proven UX models. By conducting heuristic analysis, businesses can move past gut instincts and intuitions to refine hypotheses and reach better outcomes.

In Chapter 4, we’ll look at why heuristic analysis is important and why you should use it. In simplest terms, heuristic analysis helps us challenge assumptions and biases and provide alternative methods for looking at given problems. While these methods and new perspectives won’t necessarily provide the answers you seek, they’re invaluable in telling you which answers you shouldn’t consider.

Throughout the chapter, we’ll explore the process of heuristic analysis through planning, selection, analysis, and prioritization to give you reliable techniques for refining your ideas. During the final stage of analysis, we’ll explore how to best present your findings to stakeholders and bring your hypotheses to life in a way that makes them compelling.

Of course, we’ll also look at the pros and cons of using heuristic analysis in ideation. On its own, the technique is not suitable for determining the best possible outcomes — but that’s why it’s only one of the six approaches to structured ideation we cover in our guide. It remains a powerful tool for guiding brainstorms and taking you in new directions that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered. In short, you could call it a process of distilled innovation.

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These days, there’s no arguing the importance of testing digital products. But for consistent success, running a few split tests won’t do. Even with established products, the improvements you’ll get from a scattershot approach to user testing are marginal. Unless you’re a tech giant, you can’t afford a “see what sticks” approach. 

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Look for more chapter summaries coming soon, and grab the guide to get bonus material filled with downloadable bonus content in nearly every chapter.

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