After years of working in the search engine market­ing indus­try and groom­ing search profes­sion­als for large agen­cies, Lee Blanken­ship opened up his own SEM agency in Atlanta in late 2004. A true startup story, Lee founded Search Discovery out of his house and hired his first employee in 2005.

With a strong repu­ta­tion in the Atlanta market as a success­ful search marketer, Search Discovery garnered busi­ness refer­rals from friends and agen­cies in the area. The client list contin­ued to grow. In 2007, Lee hired his next 4 employ­ees and expanded his agency offer­ings beyond paid media to include search engine opti­miza­tion and web analyt­ics.

Hiring only inno­v­a­tive minds and indus­try leaders, Search Discovery created a client perfor­mance depart­ment in 2008. To augment its exist­ing offer­ings, this team focused on blend­ing web analyt­ics, usabil­ity, and infor­ma­tion archi­tec­ture prac­tices to better measure online behav­ior and opti­mize toward better post-click results.

In 2009 Search Discovery’s team created and launched the Satel­lite Tag Manage­ment system and become one of four Google Analyt­ics Premium Resellers in the country.  This estab­lished Search Discovery as a signif­i­cant player in the Digital Analyt­ics indus­try.

From 2009 to 2013 Search Discovery grew rapidly, doubling our team and adding many new Satel­lite customers. In July of 2013, Search Discovery sold Satel­lite Tag Manage­ment System to Adobe which was subse­quently launched as part of the Adobe Market­ing Cloud under the name Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager.

Today, Search Discovery is a full service Digital Analyt­ics, SEO, and Paid Search agency. Packed to the gills with talent, the Search Discovery team is constantly growing adding talented people all over the country and deliv­er­ing busi­ness impact to clients and brands such as Chick-Fil‑A, AT&T, Citrix, Ariba,, and more.