What I thor­oughly love about Search Discovery is the true inte­gra­tion our teams have across a client engage­ment from sales to plan­ning, strat­egy, execu­tion and measure­ment.  Agen­cies always pitch the idea of inte­gra­tion but Search Discovery ACTUALLY has it working like a well-oiled machine.

Search Discovery Integrated Team Planning

In an inte­grated client team having collab­o­ra­tive team meet­ings, measure­ment and plan­ning is crucial but the easiest step you can take to begin working better together.  SEO and Media teams possi­bly have differ­ent client contacts however the main client may need to hear the aggre­gate story so make it work with both clients without adding an addi­tional meeting.

Inte­gra­tion is vital to success in today’s digital ecosys­tem.

  • Content, Social and SEO go hand in hand and supports new ways for consumers to engage with your brand.  This is why Search Discovery’s SEO prac­tice is not only tech­ni­cally awesome at code based recom­men­da­tions and moni­tor­ing algo­rithm trends, but we also have a kick ass content market­ing and strat­egy layer built in to be a full-powered mighty machine of excel­lence.
  • And Paid Media can drive people to those contex­tual (and opti­mized) expe­ri­ences via Search, Social or Display
  • Measure every­thing across chan­nels and campaigns but have mean­ing­ful data to pull out action­able insights and trends

To be success­ful in the above view, being struc­tured in silos at an agency or working with multi­ple agen­cies is doable but certainly adds a lot of addi­tional coor­di­na­tion to ensure a brand message is consis­tent across chan­nels and every­one is working with an inte­grated strat­egy (many call this agency “co-opeti­tion”).   Agen­cies will always remain on guard and never show their entire hand and there­fore inte­gra­tion is never its’ fullest.  Consol­i­da­tion of paid media, SEO and analyt­ics is crucial for teams to commu­ni­cate, learn, share, execute, plan and strate­gize together.   Search Discovery is not only consol­i­dated in these areas of excel­lence but also very inte­grated in our day-to-day busi­ness.  Our clients like the ROI and we like being able to share in-person high-fives upon seeing success of their inte­grated approach.

An example of how inte­gra­tion drives success is shown in our work with Atlanta Ballet.  The Nutcracker program is the biggest perfor­mance (and campaign) of each season.   Our team:

  • Designed and opti­mized a new respon­sive design site www.atlantaballet.com(Creative, SEO)
  • Managed and executed a targeted paid media campaign and drove scale through new place­ments at strate­gic times and enabled pre & post show engage­ment through social media to extend the conver­sa­tion (Media, Social)
  • Ongoing A/B testing of display media creative and site assets to strengthen perfor­mance (Creative, Analyt­ics, Media)
  • Program analy­sis and imple­ment­ing test and learn strate­gies drove further perfor­mance enhance­ments (Analyt­ics, Media)


  • The site redesign and SEO has helped drive an increase in site visits 51% and report­ing a 163% increase in mobile visits the first quarter in market
  • The past two years Search Discovery has helped Atlanta Ballet exceed their goals and drive year over year ticket revenue gains for the Nutcracker

By Lindsay Blanken­ship