Integrated Digital Marketing Programs are Critical for Brand Success

What I thoroughly love about Search Discovery is the true integration our teams have across a client engagement from sales to planning, strategy, execution and measurement. Agencies always pitch the idea of integration but Search Discovery ACTUALLY has it working like a well-oiled machine.

Search Discovery Integrated Team Planning

In an integrated client team having collaborative team meetings, measurement and planning is crucial but the easiest step you can take to begin working better together. SEO and Media teams possibly have different client contacts however the main client may need to hear the aggregate story so make it work with both clients without adding an additional meeting.

Integration is vital to success in today’s digital ecosystem.

  • Content, Social *and *SEO go hand in hand and supports new ways for consumers to engage with your brand. This is why Search Discovery’s SEO practice is not only technically awesome at code based recommendations and monitoring algorithm trends, but we also have a kick ass content marketing and strategy layer built in to be a full-powered mighty machine of excellence.
  • And Paid Media can drive people to those contextual (and optimized) experiences via Search, Social or Display
  • *Measure *everything across channels and campaigns but have meaningful data to pull out actionable insights and trends

To be successful in the above view, being structured in silos at an agency or working with multiple agencies is doable but certainly adds a lot of additional coordination to ensure a brand message is consistent across channels and everyone is working with an integrated strategy (many call this agency “co-opetition”). Agencies will always remain on guard and never show their entire hand and therefore integration is never its’ fullest. Consolidation of paid media, SEO and analytics is crucial for teams to communicate, learn, share, execute, plan and strategize together. Search Discovery is not only consolidated in these areas of excellence but also very integrated in our day-to-day business. Our clients like the ROI and we like being able to share in-person high-fives upon seeing success of their integrated approach.

An example of how integration drives success is shown in our work with Atlanta Ballet. The Nutcracker program is the biggest performance (and campaign) of each season. Our team:

  • Designed and optimized a new responsive design site (Creative, SEO)
  • Managed and executed a targeted paid media campaign and drove scale through new placements at strategic times and enabled pre & post show engagement through social media to extend the conversation (Media, Social)
  • Ongoing A/B testing of display media creative and site assets to strengthen performance (Creative, Analytics, Media)
  • Program analysis and implementing test and learn strategies drove further performance enhancements (Analytics, Media)


  • The site redesign and SEO has helped drive an increase in site visits 51% and reporting a 163% increase in mobile visits the first quarter in market
  • The past two years Search Discovery has helped Atlanta Ballet exceed their goals and drive year over year ticket revenue gains for the Nutcracker

By Lindsay Blankenship


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