Translate Google Analytics tags to Universal Analytics

We are pleased to introduce Airlock, a JavaScript utility to translate classic Google Analytics tagging to the new Universal Analytics syntax.

Last month, Google announced the ability to upgrade classic Google Analytics profiles to Universal Analytics. Upgrading is a great idea because the new features and functionality of Universal Analytics are a must have for any data informed organization. Eventually all classic GA profiles that haven’t upgraded to the new Universal Analytics platform will be auto-transferred.

*Commence Primary Ignition! *

To assist with this transition, Google has developed a tool to help upgrade your profile. Once you have upgraded your profile in Google Analytics, you will

need to upgrade your site tagging to the new Universal Analytics tagging. This is the part of the process where Airlock can provide a huge sigh of relief.

The tagging between classic GA (ga.js) and Universal (analytics.js) are not compatible with each other. You can continue to use the classic tagging for now, but to take advantage of the benefits of Universal Analytics you need to replace the ga.js tagging with the analytics.js tagging. For any sites with customized event tracking, ecommerce, or custom variables this could mean a significant effort to modify all the tracking code on the site.

Undertaking this re-tagging effort could be an investment that many organizations are not prepared to make. This is where Airlock comes in. By simply following the implementation guide, organizations can use Airlock to translate all of their current classic Google Analytics tagging into the new Universal Analytics syntax. Giving the full ability to enjoy the upgrade to Universal Analytics while putting any future tagging efforts on the appropriate timeline.

A Breath of Fresh Air

And to top it all off, our news today only gets better. To help as many companies as possible start to realize the benefits of Universal Analytics, Search Discovery is giving Airlock away for free. Naturally, if you have questions about upgrading or need a partner to assist you in the process our amazing analytics consulting team is ready to help.

Click here to download Airlock or get implementation instructions.

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