Trans­late Google Analyt­ics tags to Univer­sal Analyt­ics

We are pleased to intro­duce Airlock, a JavaScript utility to trans­late classic Google Analyt­ics tagging to the new Univer­sal Analyt­ics syntax.

Last month, Google announced the ability to upgrade classic Google Analyt­ics profiles to Univer­sal Analyt­ics. Upgrad­ing is a great idea because the new features and func­tion­al­ity of Univer­sal Analyt­ics are a must have for any data informed orga­ni­za­tion. Even­tu­ally all classic GA profiles that haven’t upgraded to the new Univer­sal Analyt­ics plat­form will be auto-trans­ferred.

*Commence Primary Igni­tion! *

To assist with this tran­si­tion, Google has devel­oped a tool to help upgrade your profile. Once you have upgraded your profile in Google Analyt­ics, you will

need to upgrade your site tagging to the new Univer­sal Analyt­ics tagging. This is the part of the process where Airlock can provide a huge sigh of relief.

The tagging between classic GA (ga.js) and Univer­sal (analytics.js) are not compat­i­ble with each other. You can continue to use the classic tagging for now, but to take advan­tage of the bene­fits of Univer­sal Analyt­ics you need to replace the ga.js tagging with the analytics.js tagging. For any sites with customized event track­ing, ecom­merce, or custom vari­ables this could mean a signif­i­cant effort to modify all the track­ing code on the site.

Under­tak­ing this re-tagging effort could be an invest­ment that many orga­ni­za­tions are not prepared to make. This is where Airlock comes in. By simply follow­ing the imple­men­ta­tion guide, orga­ni­za­tions can use Airlock to trans­late all of their current classic Google Analyt­ics tagging into the new Univer­sal Analyt­ics syntax. Giving the full ability to enjoy the upgrade to Univer­sal Analyt­ics while putting any future tagging efforts on the appro­pri­ate time­line.

A Breath of Fresh Air

And to top it all off, our news today only gets better. To help as many compa­nies as possi­ble start to realize the bene­fits of Univer­sal Analyt­ics, Search Discovery is giving Airlock away for free. Natu­rally, if you have ques­tions about upgrad­ing or need a partner to assist you in the process our amazing analyt­ics consult­ing team is ready to help.

Click here to down­load Airlock or get imple­men­ta­tion instruc­tions.