Introducing One Channel

by Carolina Beltrán, Digital Media Supervisor

Do you have a YouTube Channel?

Yes? Good! I have some news.

No? Hmm. Well, now is the time! Here”s why:

Early last month, you may have noticed some of your favorite YouTube Channels got a new look. Up until now, this update was only available to a small number of YouTube Channels through a beta test. Starting March 7th, the channel update is available to everyone. The major differences between the old version and the new version are a name change (One Channel), a channel trailer, and channel art.

Channel Trailer

On your new *One Channel, you can show a trailer that will only appear to viewers who aren’t already subscribed to your channel. This is your chance to let visitors know what your Channel is all about and tell them why they should subscribe.

Channel Art

*Channel art is how you can express the personality of your *One Channel* wherever *it is seen, *whether on a mobile phone, a tablet, desktop, or TV.*  **Get the*template and guidelines on how to create.**

So why did YouTube mess with the perfectly okay design of the channel page?
The new changes are for you. With One Channel you get:

  • More control over what subscribers see:  You can now customize the “Channels We Like” tab on your own channel.
  • Subscribers are now only a click away from your channel:  A guide bar will follow the user everywhere: across the home page, watch pages, etc.
  • Channel experiences expand to all screen screens and platforms:  The channel experience is optimized, scaled & simplified for the user regardless of what they are watching on.

Still not totally convinced? Read this.

I”m sure I”ll be hearing from you soon!

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