by Carolina Beltrán, Digital Media Super­vi­sor

Do you have a YouTube Channel?

Yes? Good! I have some news.

No? Hmm. Well, now is the time! Here”s why:

Early last month, you may have noticed some of your favorite YouTube Chan­nels got a new look. Up until now, this update was only avail­able to a small number of YouTube Chan­nels through a beta test. Start­ing March 7th, the channel update is avail­able to every­one. The major differ­ences between the old version and the new version are a name change (One Channel), a channel trailer, and channel art.

Channel Trailer

On your new *One Channel, you can show a trailer that will only appear to viewers who aren’t already subscribed to your channel. This is your chance to let visi­tors know what your Channel is all about and tell them why they should subscribe.

Channel Art

*Channel art is how you can express the person­al­ity of your *One Channel* wher­ever *it is seen, *whether on a mobile phone, a tablet, desktop, or TV.*  **Get the*template and guide­lines on how to create.**

So why did YouTube mess with the perfectly okay design of the channel page?
The new changes are for you. With One Channel you get:

  • More control over what subscribers see:  You can now customize the “Chan­nels We Like” tab on your own channel.
  • Subscribers are now only a click away from your channel:  A guide bar will follow the user every­where: across the home page, watch pages, etc.
  • Channel expe­ri­ences expand to all screen screens and plat­forms:  The channel expe­ri­ence is opti­mized, scaled & simpli­fied for the user regard­less of what they are watch­ing on.

Still not totally convinced? Read this.

I”m sure I”ll be hearing from you soon!