John Lovett is Search Discovery’s Latest Strategic Catch

It’s no fish story.

John Lovett, digital analytics thought leader, author, data strategist, and sometimes fly-fisherman, has joined Search Discovery!

John LovettWe are pleased to welcome our new Senior Director of Data Strategy, John Lovett, a self-proclaimed “strategy guy”, who loves helping clients work through tough problems all the way to resolution. John has dedicated over sixteen years to researching, writing, and consulting on data and analytics, and he’s widely recognized for his analytics strategy work that has helped large enterprises, mid-sized companies, and nonprofits gain value from digital data. John is a Certified Web Analyst and author of Social Media Metrics Secrets. John excels at communicating technical business solutions to non-techy people. He’s built frameworks for understanding the complex world of analytics and making data accessible across the business. As the President of the Digital Analytics Association, John was instrumental in shifting the focus of the organization from website data to all digital data.  

John thrives on his work at the leading edge of analytics thinking. “Many companies today are generating data at an astounding rate,” he says, “but they’re scrambling to catch a data wave that’s likely going to swamp them. We’re working to help organizations strengthen their data practices to collect data with purpose and integrate their multi-sourced data into a coherent strategy that delivers insights, efficiency, and opportunity.”

We’re thrilled John’s joined our team of accomplished professionals who are passionate about helping our clients realize the value data can have, not just in improving business performance, but in differentiating themselves in the marketplace. It’s more important than ever for a company to establish a clear strategy for how it will use data to compete in the marketplace and drive ongoing business improvements. John will be leading the charge for our clients in helping them recognize data as a strategic asset and determining the right analysis, presentation, and utilization necessary to move their business forward.

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