John Lovett is Search Discovery’s Latest Strategic Catch

by Mar 1, 2018

It’s no fish story.

John Lovett, digital analytics thought leader, author, data strategist, and sometimes fly-fisherman, has joined Search Discovery!

We are pleased to welcome our new Senior Direc­tor of Data Strat­egy, John Lovett, a self-proclaimed “strat­egy guy”, who loves helping clients work through tough prob­lems all the way to reso­lu­tion. John has dedi­cated over sixteen years to research­ing, writing, and consult­ing on data and analyt­ics, and he’s widely recog­nized for his analyt­ics strat­egy work that has helped large enter­prises, mid-sized compa­nies, and nonprof­its gain value from digital data. John is a Certi­fied Web Analyst and author of Social Media Metrics Secrets. John excels at commu­ni­cat­ing tech­ni­cal busi­ness solu­tions to non-techy people. He’s built frame­works for under­stand­ing the complex world of analyt­ics and making data acces­si­ble across the busi­ness. As the Pres­i­dent of the Digital Analyt­ics Asso­ci­a­tion, John was instru­men­tal in shift­ing the focus of the orga­ni­za­tion from website data to all digital data.  

John thrives on his work at the leading edge of analyt­ics think­ing. “Many compa­nies today are gener­at­ing data at an astound­ing rate,” he says, “but they’re scram­bling to catch a data wave that’s likely going to swamp them. We’re working to help orga­ni­za­tions strengthen their data prac­tices to collect data with purpose and inte­grate their multi-sourced data into a coher­ent strat­egy that deliv­ers insights, effi­ciency, and oppor­tu­nity.”

We’re thrilled John’s joined our team of accom­plished profes­sion­als who are passion­ate about helping our clients realize the value data can have, not just in improv­ing busi­ness perfor­mance, but in differ­en­ti­at­ing them­selves in the market­place. It’s more impor­tant than ever for a company to estab­lish a clear strat­egy for how it will use data to compete in the market­place and drive ongoing busi­ness improve­ments. John will be leading the charge for our clients in helping them recog­nize data as a strate­gic asset and deter­min­ing the right analy­sis, presen­ta­tion, and utiliza­tion neces­sary to move their busi­ness forward.

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