Search Discovery’s John Sherrod, Direc­tor of SEO, will be speak­ing at the Social Media Opti­miza­tion Confer­ence (SMOC) in San Fran­cisco on May 23–24. He will be present­ing on a panel called “Repu­ta­tion Manage­ment and Social Media: Strate­gic Moves for Handling a Flash Crisis”. SMOC is a two-day event dedi­cated to the latest social media opti­miza­tion research and method­ol­ogy.

John has a BA in Social Psychol­ogy and a strong inter­est in how Social Media not only influ­ences Search and Find­abil­ity but also creates new chan­nels of commu­ni­ca­tion between brands and consumers. In address­ing the gap in Social commu­ni­ca­tion that has caught many busi­nesses by surprise, John will deliver strate­gies to help compa­nies more effec­tively engage the social commu­nity and protect their brand from crisis.