As the entry point for many users, commu­ni­ca­tion on the landing page needs to quickly educate users on the value of the site. Many sites provide the wrong content and design and as a result see more bounces and less conver­sions than they expect.

The landing page audit is a deep dive into how current landing pages are perform­ing for the client. Landing pages must commu­ni­cate site value as well as deliver on the promises of the market­ing campaign. Only through a process of iter­a­tion and testing can we deter­mine what landing pages users respond to, and encour­age conver­sion.

Search Discovery will:

  • Provide landing page best prac­tices
  • Deter­mine which users we are target­ing and how to best commu­ni­cate to them
  • Inte­grate landing pages and market­ing campaigns in order to improve page rele­vance
  • Recom­mend improve­ments to content and design
  • Develop and test landing page opti­miza­tions or new designs