Help­ing clients with site redesigns is some­thing we deal with almost every day at Search Dis­cov­ery, so this month, we decid­ed to treat our­selves to a face lift and launch a new ver­sion of  The new site includes a fresh look and feel, more in depth descrip­tions of our ser­vices, a revamped news sec­tion, and a new blog.

The Search Dis­cov­ery Blog is all about online mar­ket­ing, and cov­ers top­ics about site per­for­mance and find­abilty insights.  We’ll be shar­ing the lat­est news, gold­en nuggets of search mar­ket­ing wis­dom, and respond­ing to user ques­tions (maybe even in video).

New Search Discovery WebsiteSearch Discovery’s Brand New Home Page

In the spir­it of our web­site launch, here are a cou­ple things you will want to keep in mind when launch­ing your own web­site:

  • Look, Look, Look! – Test every­thing!  Have you viewed the pages on Win­dows? On Mac? In IE6?  Does your site work with Javascript dis­abled?  Cook­ies dis­abled?  With­out Flash installed? Can you view it on an iPad and iPhone? You site should work like a charm in any brows­er that you think a poten­tial cus­tomer may be using.
  • Map Out URL Redi­rects – What if we lose traf­fic? One of the biggest con­cerns launch­ing a web­site is to main­tain the traf­fic that was already vis­it­ing your web­site.  Before you tran­si­tion your site, take an inven­to­ry of all the URLs that exist and have exist­ed (all those ones from pre­vi­ous sites).  Once you have that list, cre­ate a doc­u­ment that maps out all the old URLs to the new URLs.  When the site launch­es, use 301 redi­rects to send users and engines alike to pages with a new home.
  • Take Cau­tion with DNS – Couldn’t reach us last Fri­day? That’s because we were busy learn­ing a valu­able les­son about DNS … if your site launch involves re-point­ing your DNS, take extreme cau­tion.  Make sure you con­sult the key play­ers in site main­te­nance, email, and maybe even your phone sys­tems.  That’s right, even your phones! If you are using VoIP like we do, your phones may be an impor­tant con­sid­er­a­tion in this switch. (Quick Tip: Take screen­shots of the old set­tings so you can put every­thing back as you found it in case of any com­pli­ca­tions.  It only takes a few sec­onds but can save you a lot of heartache should you have an issue.)

A new web­site is very excit­ing for any orga­ni­za­tion.  We hope you make use of our new resources, and have as much fun using our site as we did build­ing it!