Helping clients with site redesigns is something we deal with almost every day at Search Discovery, so this month, we decided to treat ourselves to a face lift and launch a new version of  The new site includes a fresh look and feel, more in depth descriptions of our services, a revamped news section, and a new blog.

The Search Discovery Blog is all about online marketing, and covers topics about site performance and findabilty insights.  We’ll be sharing the latest news, golden nuggets of search marketing wisdom, and responding to user questions (maybe even in video).

New Search Discovery WebsiteSearch Discovery’s Brand New Home Page

In the spirit of our website launch, here are a couple things you will want to keep in mind when launching your own website:

  • Look, Look, Look! – Test everything!  Have you viewed the pages on Windows? On Mac? In IE6?  Does your site work with Javascript disabled?  Cookies disabled?  Without Flash installed? Can you view it on an iPad and iPhone? You site should work like a charm in any browser that you think a potential customer may be using.
  • Map Out URL Redirects – What if we lose traffic? One of the biggest concerns launching a website is to maintain the traffic that was already visiting your website.  Before you transition your site, take an inventory of all the URLs that exist and have existed (all those ones from previous sites).  Once you have that list, create a document that maps out all the old URLs to the new URLs.  When the site launches, use 301 redirects to send users and engines alike to pages with a new home.
  • Take Caution with DNS – Couldn’t reach us last Friday? That’s because we were busy learning a valuable lesson about DNS … if your site launch involves re-pointing your DNS, take extreme caution.  Make sure you consult the key players in site maintenance, email, and maybe even your phone systems.  That’s right, even your phones! If you are using VoIP like we do, your phones may be an important consideration in this switch. (Quick Tip: Take screenshots of the old settings so you can put everything back as you found it in case of any complications.  It only takes a few seconds but can save you a lot of heartache should you have an issue.)

A new website is very exciting for any organization.  We hope you make use of our new resources, and have as much fun using our site as we did building it!

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