Social media is an impor­tant piece of your overall digital market­ing strat­egy. Having multi­ple touch points through which consumers can inter­act with your busi­ness is crucial since the emer­gence of social media and the decline of tradi­tional tactics. By creat­ing pages for your brand on social media sites and regu­larly updat­ing them with new content, these sites will start to show up in organic search results, allow­ing consumers to find what they’re looking for on an outlet they trust. Also, it’s impor­tant to note that having an active pres­ence on several sites is better than having an empty shell of a pres­ence on hundreds of sites– each page should provide value to visi­tors and encour­age them to return to the page.

Our social media manage­ment solu­tion inte­grates with other digital market­ing efforts, extend­ing the reach of your market­ing and brand­ing efforts. This offer­ing provides the essen­tial services to estab­lish and consis­tently manage your brand’s social media pres­ence.

Search Discovery offers a compre­hen­sive social media manage­ment solu­tion to maxi­mize your brand’s pres­ence on key social media sites. Our solu­tion provides a full-service model that includes every­thing from set-up to day-to-day manage­ment. Below is a sampling of sites that we recom­mend to ensure a compre­hen­sive social pres­ence.


**A blog is a crucial tool for any busi­ness today to further their online brand­ing efforts and to estab­lish their voice within their indus­try and with their customers. Whether you already have a company blog or are just getting started, we’ll help you update it regu­larly with valu­able, keyword-rich content.

  • Initial blog design and opti­miza­tion
  • One post per week
  • Comment moder­a­tion and blog main­te­nance


**Face­book allows busi­nesses to create person­al­ized fan pages to share infor­ma­tion about their busi­ness and to inter­act with current and poten­tial customers. This allows you to reach people where they already are – on Face­book. There are currently more than 3 million active pages, includ­ing over 1.5 million local busi­nesses. The average Face­book user is a fan of 80 pages. Having your own page allows your busi­ness to reach consumers in a new, inter­ac­tive way in order to build rela­tion­ships and loyalty. Your Face­book Fan Page allows you to share infor­ma­tion about your busi­ness with all Face­book users, includ­ing contact infor­ma­tion, photos, events, etc. Users can comment on the content you post, as well as post their own content onto your page.

  • Custom designed landing tab and opti­mized logo
  • Customized content publish­ing strat­egy, includ­ing a base­line of one post per day, includ­ing rele­vant links, engag­ing posts, etc.


**Twitter is a social network­ing and microblog­ging site. Users can tweet messages of no more than 140 char­ac­ters to be read by their follow­ers. Tweets from people you follow are aggre­gated on your home page. Twitter is a great tool for one-to-one commu­ni­ca­tion as well as one-to-many commu­ni­ca­tion. Busi­ness appli­ca­tions of Twitter include link build­ing, customer service and connect­ing with people who are inter­ested in your busi­ness in real time.

  • Custom designed back­ground
  • Customized content publish­ing strat­egy, includ­ing a minimum of one post daily, includ­ing rele­vant links, engag­ing posts, etc.
  • Daily account manage­ment includ­ing inter­act­ing with follow­ers, follow­ing rele­vant users, moni­tor­ing and respond­ing to mentions, etc.


**YouTube is now the world’s most popular online video commu­nity where users upload, view and share videos. YouTube videos can be easily embed­ded or posted anywhere online. People are watch­ing 2 billion videos a day on YouTube and upload­ing hundreds of thou­sands of videos daily. Videos allow customers to engage with your brand in a way that text-only commu­ni­ca­tions cannot offer, and videos are very likely to be shared across other sites.

  • Custom designed back­ground and channel opti­miza­tion
  • Assis­tance with video creation and opti­miza­tion
  • Daily account manage­ment includ­ing inter­act­ing with commenters, moder­at­ing comments, etc.


**Flickr is an image hosting site that hosts over 4 billion photos. Images can be tagged for search, as well as captioned and sorted into sets, which serve as digital photo albums. Flickr is mostly used to host photos to be shared across the web.

  • Assis­tance with photo ideas and opti­miza­tion
  • Daily account manage­ment includ­ing inter­act­ing with commenters, moder­at­ing comments, etc.


  • Cross-promo­tion of social media sites
  • Assis­tance with promot­ing social media pres­ence on website and other tactics
  • Social media-based contests and promo­tions