Quick ques­tion for my digital market­ing colleagues:

How many of you have looked at a website and thought “I’m track­ing conver­sions and revenue on this site, but what about all these other links? Social links. Down­load links. Are these being tracked?”

I know all of you have thought this at one time or another because you’re smart. You know report­ing just conver­sions and revenue isn’t telling the whole story. Knowing what site visi­tors are doing with those down­load, email, and social links is valu­able, too.

Maybe you’ve printed out pages of websites then taken a high­lighter to it to mark what you want to track. No? Just me? C’mon! Yes you have! This used to be the most effec­tive way to get your sugges­tions to the folks who made your sugges­tions reality.

Allow me to intro­duce you to my new, tree-saving friend, Rover.

Rover is a Satel­lite compan­ion, in the form of a simple book­marklet, that allows you to see what you’re track­ing on any page of a website where Satel­lite is installed. Rover shows you all the tags on a webpage directly on the page. If you find some­thing you aren’t yet track­ing and want to make a sugges­tion, Rover lets you or anyone in your orga­ni­za­tion suggest a new tag right from the page. Rover remem­bers your notes and the element on the page that inspired your genius sugges­tion.

[![](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-Safari-Suggestions1-1024x771.jpg “Rover on Safari Suggestions”)](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-Safari-Suggestions1.jpg)
**Rover on Desktop:**
**Get sugges­tions from the default rules.**


[![](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-Safari-Email-and-Social.jpg “Rover on Safari Email and Social”)](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-Safari-Email-and-Social.jpg)
**Rover on Desktop:**
**Track those e‑mail links and social links!**


[![](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-Safari-New-Rule1-1024x770.jpg “Rover on Safari New Rule”)](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-Safari-New-Rule1.jpg)
**Rover on Desktop:**
**New tag. Suggested. Nice work!**


[![](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-Safari-New-Rule.jpg “Rover on Safari New Rule”)](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-Safari-New-Rule.jpg)
**Rover on Desktop:**
**VOILA! Your new tag sugges­tion high­lighted in green.**


Awesome, right?

There’s more.

Rover also works on mobile devices.

[![](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-the-iPhone-Suggestions.jpg “Rover on the iPhone Suggestions”)](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-the-iPhone-Suggestions.jpg)
**Rover on iPhone:**
**Get sugges­tions from the default rules/tags**


[![](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-iPhone-Rule-Creation.jpg “Rover on iPhone Rule Creation”)](/images/blog/2012/11/Rover-on-iPhone-Rule-Creation.jpg)
**Rover on iPhone:**
**Create a new rule/tag sugges­tion – as easily as you did on the desktop!**
We think Rover is pretty sweet. We think you will too. [Sched­ule a demo](http://www.searchdiscovery.com/satellite/#demo)!