Data Scientist

Michael D. Healy is well versed in imple­ment­ing data inter­change and inter-process commu­ni­ca­tion across diver­gent systems.
Basi­cally creat­ing inter­preters for the systems of data in the known universe so every bit, byte and dollar can be tracked from end to end.
Previ­ously he has presented at PyCon on the linguis­tics of Twitter, and hella likes to talk about regional Amer­i­can dialects.
Most recently he worked for a large elec­tronic media provider where he drove the tech­ni­cal aspects of an award winning analyt­ics and report­ing plat­form.
Michael studied Econom­ics and Chinese at San Fran­cisco State Univer­sity.

About Me

I don’t believe the robot revo­lu­tion is immi­nent since the first draft of this bio was gener­ated by a program and was rejected.
Besides work, I have basi­cally the best front lawn in at least a 10 block radius from my house.