Digital Analytics & Optimization Lead

Michael is an expe­ri­enced leader of analysts, an impas­sioned deliv­erer of insights and busi­ness results, and an all around nice guy. He is respon­si­ble for digital analyt­ics strat­egy and deliv­ery at Search Discovery. With nearly a decade spent working with brands like  McDonald’s, Lands’ End, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Citi­zens Bank, Fidelity Invest­ments, and The Cleve­land Clinic he is convinced of the simple power of a well formed busi­ness ques­tion, and the trans­for­ma­tive power of data presented in an under­stand­able fashion. Michael has expe­ri­ence across all the major digital analyt­ics tools, but under­stands that great analysts create amazing results regard­less of tools. He has a well estab­lished record of helping orga­ni­za­tions push past the wall of avail­able data and focus on the deci­sions that will make the largest impact on their busi­ness.

About Me

I grew up in Cleve­land, and as a die hard Browns fan I am used to hope deferred. I love hanging out with my two boys, and outside of work I can be found camping, playing video games, or making my own mustard.