Digital Analysts are constantly faced with the “Doppelgänger” measurement anomaly caused by the multi-browser, multi-device world we live in.  Traditionally, if a visitor started looking at a product on a desktop at home, then on a mobile device on the way to the office, and then on a laptop at the office, Digital Analytics packages would count that person as three visitors.  Digital Analysts would then optimize for three visitors, and Senior Leadership would plan for three visitors.  Tracking visitors across multiple browsers and devices is a powerful benefit of Universal Analytics.

One Visitor. Three Versions.

Google Analytics offers the Universal Analytics tracking code in three editions to cover online activity:

Developers can “recognize” users (generally through a log-in) and then use custom variables in Google Analytics to identify visitors across platforms.  With Universal Analytics on all of your online touch points, you can stitch together interactions and build customer behavior profiles.  Multi-touch point data insights can include:

  • The average time between first the (or last) interaction and conversion
  • Full conversion paths including devices
  • The average number of visits on all devices before conversion
  • How engaged the same customer was on different devices

I Want It All!

Each Universal Analytics edition comes with its own syntax and technical requirements.   Refer to the Google Universal Analytics Upgrade Center for specifics about moving your account to Universal Analytics.  If you need help, thetechnical gurus at Search Discovery are happy to assist with your implementation – in any version.

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