Employee Spotlight: Nate Jackson

by Mar 14, 2019

To shine a consul­tant spot­light on Nate Jackson is to reveal some inno­v­a­tive web devel­op­ment work and cutting-edge solu­tions that extend and customize Domo’s BI capa­bil­i­ties. Nate joined Search Discovery four years ago as an analyst with a web devel­op­ment back­ground, and our part­ner­ship with Domo provided oppor­tu­ni­ties for Nate to develop custom apps based on customer needs. Nate calls this part­ner­ship and devel­op­ment oppor­tu­nity, “a natural tran­si­tion into my wheel­house.” This is no exag­ger­a­tion. 

Nate’s current work, which he will demo at Domopalooza, can be grouped into four cate­gories:

1.  Custom Report­ing Solu­tions: 

Several custom report­ing apps were created for Carter Lumber and others that enable clients to have more flex­i­bil­ity in how they receive reports and utilize data. These apps include “Custom Excel Reports,” “SMS Field Report­ing,” and “Auto­mated PDF Reports”.  

2.  Real-time User Input Plat­form Exten­sions: 

Clients like Novar­tis and other large corpo­ra­tions need tools that enable them to input data directly into Domo. Nate helped develop two apps that allow for this: a sales forecasting/sales plan­ning app, “Sales Planner,” that helps users manage the pricing and volume of their prod­ucts, and  “Rapid Response,” a sales enable­ment tool that allows sales­peo­ple to compile and consol­i­date ques­tions and answers for imme­di­ate access to shared intel­li­gence. Normally this would have a long wait time or get lost entirely in some­one’s email.

3.  Custom Data Extrac­tion:

Bayer crit­i­cally needed to auto­mate their AVC report­ing, because, like many compa­nies, they were spend­ing a lot of time and effort export­ing, trans­form­ing, and import­ing data into massive Excel files. These files were unman­age­able, crash-prone, and inef­fec­tive at deliv­er­ing mission-crit­i­cal sales revenue data. Nate helped develop the “Amazon Vendor Central App”, which allows users to easily export and consume data. The app was so success­ful that Bayer declared it their “Nirvana of report­ing.”  

4.  Data Gover­nance

The “Auto­mated Dataset Permis­sions” app requires a company’s data gover­nance manager to set permis­sions only once and will apply them to hundreds of down­stream data sets. The app increases secu­rity by elim­i­nat­ing the need for labor-inten­sive manual permis­sion allo­ca­tions and the risk of human error. As a part of an overall gover­nance solu­tion that gives clients visi­bil­ity into issues, the Auto­mated Dataset Permis­sions app provides the control to fix those issues quickly. Not only can the app pull permis­sions from 3rd party sources like Sales­force, but it can also provi­sion users in Domo based on data pulled from an exter­nal system.

Nate is excited to work on the edge of Domo’s vision to provide APIs and myriad resources to help people customize and extend the plat­form. At the same time, he’s happy to be in a posi­tion with Search Discovery where he can develop customer-needs-based solu­tions that make manag­ing data and extend­ing the Domo plat­form easy. Contact us below to learn more about part­ner­ing with SDI to realize the poten­tial of your data.

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