Today, Google announced a new feature to AdWords SiteLinks – Embed­ded SiteLinks – making it easier to inte­grate targeted links in AdWords text ads.

With the embed­ded format, the text in your ad that exactly matches one or more of the exist­ing SiteLinks in your campaign will auto­mat­i­cally be linked to that SiteLink’s desti­na­tion URL. Poten­tial customers can now pick the part of your ad that applies directly to their current inter­ests and visit the most specific page for that topic.

To use this feature:

  • Your campaign must be enabled for SiteLinks.
  • Your ads must appear above the search results.
  • Part of your ad must match one or more of your SiteLinks.

Embed­ded SiteLinks will only show for ads that don’t meet one or more of the require­ments for one- or two-line Ad SiteLinks. This new feature is now avail­able to AdWords users glob­ally, exclud­ing China, Japan and Korea.

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