Search Discovery’s New Tag Management System Puts Marketers in Direct Control of Advanced Analytics

Satellite empowers marketers to quickly and continuously gain
the intelligence needed for successful online offerings

ATLANTASeptember 29, 2011Search Discovery, an Atlanta-based online consultancy, announced today the general availability of Satellite, a breakthrough solution that puts JavaScript tag management directly in the hands of marketing professionals. Marketers now have unprecedented capabilities for quickly and easily measuring virtually any aspect of user experience, giving them the intelligence they need to optimize digital marketing campaigns – without the need to rely on an IT function for technical JavaScript assistance.

JavaScript Tags: Why Marketing Needs the Direct Customer Intelligence

JavaScript tags record user interaction within a web page and supply detailed statistics regarding the behaviors that precede such decisions as clicking “Buy Now” or exiting a site. Analytics tools report on this intelligence, with the promise of helping marketers improve the online customer experience and realize a higher return on digital marketing investments. Yet marketers to date have not had direct access to tag management, leaving them unable to make best use of this beneficial technology.

Deploying tags requires writing JavaScript commands within HTML, which makes tag management an IT function rather than a marketing function. Many marketing professionals are unaware that tags even exist; those who understand tags and want to leverage them usually must work through IT departments that may have their own priorities.

Satellite Empowers Marketers with Actionable Data & Analytics

Satellite addresses this shortcoming by putting tag management in the hands of an organization’s marketing professionals. Functioning as a “facilitation layer” between web pages and analytics, Satellite offers a browser-based, WYSIWYG interface in which a marketer who knows nothing about JavaScript or HTML can specify: 1) what interactions to track on each web page, 2) how the site’s analytics package should track interactions, and 3) any third-party tags or scripts that should execute when specific events occur. An unobtrusive solution that doesn’t track the behavior of individuals, Satellite provides overall insight into behavior that helps marketers realize greater success in digital campaigns.

“Satellite unlocks the potential of JavaScript tags, empowering marketers to quickly and continuously improve online offerings to produce desired results,” said Evan LaPointe, Search Discovery VP and Director of Client Performance. “Marketing professionals now have the intelligence they need to direct far more meaningful changes to web sites than simply updating copy and images. Being able to gain that intelligence without ever having to wait on IT is a game-changer for smart marketers seeking to better understand their audience.”

Chick-fil-A Experiences Results with Search Discovery & Satellite

Search Discovery has served major corporations for years with search engine optimization, paid media management and web analytics. The company refined Satellite during development by incorporating feedback from major customers that served as alpha and beta testers.

“With Satellite, it seems like the data we need to improve our web site’s user experience is always there, without us having to lift a finger,” said Michael McCathren, Senior Consultant, Interactive Marketing at Chick-fil-A, Inc. “Before Satellite, we made decisions based on page-level statistics. We’re now able to immediately drill down to any object, and any user behavior, that we choose to better understand.”

Satellite is available immediately in packages priced separately for enterprise and non-enterprise web sites. Search Discovery also makes Satellite available at no charge to not-for-profit institutions. For more information about Satellite, visit or call 404-898-0430.

About Search Discovery

Search Discovery combines direct marketing best practices, extensive knowledge of search engine algorithms and technical prowess to implement and refine online campaigns. As the evolution of interactive marketing and analytics accelerates, Search Discovery ensures that marketers don’t have to settle for yesterday’s strategies. Established in 2004 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Search Discovery today is a leading, full-service SEO, paid search and web analytics agency experienced with such brands as the Atlanta Hawks,, Turner Broadcast Network, and more. Visit us at

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