Satel­lite empow­ers marketers to quickly and contin­u­ously gain
the intel­li­gence needed for success­ful online offer­ings

ATLANTASeptem­ber 29, 2011Search Discovery, an Atlanta-based online consul­tancy, announced today the general avail­abil­ity of Satel­lite, a break­through solu­tion that puts JavaScript tag manage­ment directly in the hands of market­ing profes­sion­als. Marketers now have unprece­dented capa­bil­i­ties for quickly and easily measur­ing virtu­ally any aspect of user expe­ri­ence, giving them the intel­li­gence they need to opti­mize digital market­ing campaigns – without the need to rely on an IT func­tion for tech­ni­cal JavaScript assis­tance.

JavaScript Tags: Why Marketing Needs the Direct Customer Intelligence

JavaScript tags record user inter­ac­tion within a web page and supply detailed statis­tics regard­ing the behav­iors that precede such deci­sions as click­ing “Buy Now” or exiting a site. Analyt­ics tools report on this intel­li­gence, with the promise of helping marketers improve the online customer expe­ri­ence and realize a higher return on digital market­ing invest­ments. Yet marketers to date have not had direct access to tag manage­ment, leaving them unable to make best use of this bene­fi­cial tech­nol­ogy.

Deploy­ing tags requires writing JavaScript commands within HTML, which makes tag manage­ment an IT func­tion rather than a market­ing func­tion. Many market­ing profes­sion­als are unaware that tags even exist; those who under­stand tags and want to lever­age them usually must work through IT depart­ments that may have their own prior­i­ties.

Satellite Empowers Marketers with Actionable Data & Analytics

Satel­lite addresses this short­com­ing by putting tag manage­ment in the hands of an organization’s market­ing profes­sion­als. Func­tion­ing as a “facil­i­ta­tion layer” between web pages and analyt­ics, Satel­lite offers a browser-based, WYSIWYG inter­face in which a marketer who knows nothing about JavaScript or HTML can specify: 1) what inter­ac­tions to track on each web page, 2) how the site’s analyt­ics package should track inter­ac­tions, and 3) any third-party tags or scripts that should execute when specific events occur. An unob­tru­sive solu­tion that doesn’t track the behav­ior of indi­vid­u­als, Satel­lite provides overall insight into behav­ior that helps marketers realize greater success in digital campaigns.

Satel­lite unlocks the poten­tial of JavaScript tags, empow­er­ing marketers to quickly and contin­u­ously improve online offer­ings to produce desired results,” said Evan LaPointe, Search Discovery VP and Direc­tor of Client Perfor­mance. “Market­ing profes­sion­als now have the intel­li­gence they need to direct far more mean­ing­ful changes to web sites than simply updat­ing copy and images. Being able to gain that intel­li­gence without ever having to wait on IT is a game-changer for smart marketers seeking to better under­stand their audi­ence.”

Chick-fil‑A Experiences Results with Search Discovery & Satellite

Search Discovery has served major corpo­ra­tions for years with search engine opti­miza­tion, paid media manage­ment and web analyt­ics. The company refined Satel­lite during devel­op­ment by incor­po­rat­ing feed­back from major customers that served as alpha and beta testers.

With Satel­lite, it seems like the data we need to improve our web site’s user expe­ri­ence is always there, without us having to lift a finger,” said Michael McCathren, Senior Consul­tant, Inter­ac­tive Market­ing at Chick-fil‑A, Inc. “Before Satel­lite, we made deci­sions based on page-level statis­tics. We’re now able to imme­di­ately drill down to any object, and any user behav­ior, that we choose to better under­stand.”

Satel­lite is avail­able imme­di­ately in pack­ages priced sepa­rately for enter­prise and non-enter­prise web sites. Search Discovery also makes Satel­lite avail­able at no charge to not-for-profit insti­tu­tions. For more infor­ma­tion about Satel­lite, visit or call 404−898−0430.

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