No Secret to Satellite’s Success

If you wanted to build the best technology possible, what would you do? Who would you hire? Where would you spend the money? What kind of clients would you engage for good ideas and open sharing about their struggles?

At Search Discovery, here’s our formula: hire the best, most talented problem solvers you can find on the planet. Take the hundreds of thousands of dollars you could spend on conference booths, paid endorsements, and sponsored research in a heartbeat and invest in design and talent. Spend your time thinking about how businesses work and processes that need fixing. Work with some of the biggest companies in the world on their process woes and engage the most sophisticated web analysts, optimizers, and marketers out there on taking a quantum leap in capabilities. Focus your energy on solving problems elegantly.

What makes us different? Just look at us. Look at where we spend our money. Who we spend it on (incredible talent vs. salespeople). What we spend it on (product vs. marketing). Look at where we invest ourselves. That’s what it takes to make extraordinary things. There’s no secret to why Satellite has been so successful, displacing “leader” after “leader.” There’s no secret to why you choose Satellite: you’re analysts, for heaven’s sake — who would dare think they can create a sales fog you can’t see through? You’re smarter than that, and we’re grateful to work in an industry with such a smart group as you driving it.

Our journey is just beginning. Thanks for being a part of it, and we’re looking forward to helping and wowing you even more in the months and years to come.


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