If you wanted to build the best tech­nol­ogy possi­ble, what would you do? Who would you hire? Where would you spend the money? What kind of clients would you engage for good ideas and open sharing about their strug­gles?

At Search Discovery, here’s our formula: hire the best, most talented problem solvers you can find on the planet. Take the hundreds of thou­sands of dollars you could spend on confer­ence booths, paid endorse­ments, and spon­sored research in a heart­beat and invest in design and talent. Spend your time think­ing about how busi­nesses work and processes that need fixing. Work with some of the biggest compa­nies in the world on their process woes and engage the most sophis­ti­cated web analysts, opti­miz­ers, and marketers out there on taking a quantum leap in capa­bil­i­ties. Focus your energy on solving prob­lems elegantly.

What makes us differ­ent? Just look at us. Look at where we spend our money. Who we spend it on (incred­i­ble talent vs. sales­peo­ple). What we spend it on (product vs. market­ing). Look at where we invest ourselves. That’s what it takes to make extra­or­di­nary things. There’s no secret to why Satel­lite has been so success­ful, displac­ing “leader” after “leader.” There’s no secret to why you choose Satel­lite: you’re analysts, for heaven’s sake — who would dare think they can create a sales fog you can’t see through? You’re smarter than that, and we’re grate­ful to work in an indus­try with such a smart group as you driving it.

Our journey is just begin­ning. Thanks for being a part of it, and we’re looking forward to helping and wowing you even more in the months and years to come.