Search Discovery’s Senior Media Manager, Omri Levin, sat in on last week’s OMMA Atlanta panel on Attri­bu­tion.  He was accom­pa­nied by esteemed colleagues from BKV, Digi­lant, 22squared and Igni­tionOne.

Omri Levin Search Discovery

Panel Descrip­tion:   Measure, Attribute, Allo­cate – Rinse And Repeat: Solving the ROI Equa­tion

Attri­bu­tion remains the elusive element in digital market­ing. The inter­de­pen­dence of search, display and now even social and mobile are not easily unrav­eled into placing credit anywhere. And yet allo­ca­tions must be made on some defen­si­ble model for what made previ­ous campaigns perform? In the absence of a perfect attri­bu­tion system, we ask both media buyers and attri­bu­tion providers to explore what is good enough for them now? We end OMMA Atlanta with some prac­ti­cal advice and sharing. How are buyers and plan­ners making these attri­bu­tion and allo­ca­tion calls in the real world and making the case for ROI to their clients?