Origami Owl partners with Search Discovery for their first digital marketing efforts.

Just in time for Black Friday, Origami Owl makes its first foray into the digital advertising landscape. SDI is there to build their confidence in the arena while pulling off a successful campaign.

Origami Owl is a custom jewelry maker that now has more than 60,000 Independent Designers across the country.

Needing something fast.

With the supreme retail deities of Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming, Origami Owl needed something put together quickly. Total, we would only have six days in market. And, because Origami Owl was new to digital advertising, they also needed to be coached through the processes, expectations, and help them understand the outcomes.

Fast, cost effective solutions.

Origami Owl initially wanted to go into Black Friday with a display media campaign, but knowing the landscape and how consumers shop online, we recommended starting with paid search, retargeting and Facebook advertising.

Origami Owl’s brand awareness is strong with nearly 1 million brand searches each month making Paid Search a no-brainer. And with massive web traffic we were excited to leverage retargeting ads to bring good traffic back that hadn’t yet converted. Facebook was an excellent addition to the marketing mix for the audience targeting capabilities and cheaper CPCs in comparison to the growing competition in the Paid Search landscape.

Because the timeline for this project was so incredibly short, we leveraged Google’s dynamic search ads in-market quicker without having a fully comprehensive keyword list.

The numbers.

With only six days in market, the program drove an estimated ROI of 635% with direct and assisted conversions. By using Facebook, the CPCs were 92% cheaper than Google AdWords, and nearly 4,000 account creations were driven by Google.

Continuing to partner and educate.

The biggest win in this partnership was in introducing Origami Owl to the power of digital advertising. We were thoughtful in educating and coaching their stakeholders on the key performance metrics and the analytics insights derived from this successful campaign. In 2015, we’ve continued showing Origami Owl how digital marketing can support other initiatives and look forward to continued marketing and analytics efforts with them.

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