Just in time for Black Friday, Origami Owl makes its first foray into the digital adver­tis­ing land­scape. SDI is there to build their confi­dence in the arena while pulling off a success­ful campaign.

Origami Owl is a custom jewelry maker that now has more than 60,000 Inde­pen­dent Design­ers across the country.

Needing something fast.

With the supreme retail deities of Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming, Origami Owl needed some­thing put together quickly. Total, we would only have six days in market. And, because Origami Owl was new to digital adver­tis­ing, they also needed to be coached through the processes, expec­ta­tions, and help them under­stand the outcomes.

Fast, cost effective solutions.

Origami Owl initially wanted to go into Black Friday with a display media campaign, but knowing the land­scape and how consumers shop online, we recom­mended start­ing with paid search, retar­get­ing and Face­book adver­tis­ing.

Origami Owl’s brand aware­ness is strong with nearly 1 million brand searches each month making Paid Search a no-brainer. And with massive web traffic we were excited to lever­age retar­get­ing ads to bring good traffic back that hadn’t yet converted. Face­book was an excel­lent addi­tion to the market­ing mix for the audi­ence target­ing capa­bil­i­ties and cheaper CPCs in compar­i­son to the growing compe­ti­tion in the Paid Search land­scape.

Because the time­line for this project was so incred­i­bly short, we lever­aged Google’s dynamic search ads in-market quicker without having a fully compre­hen­sive keyword list.

The numbers.







With only six days in market, the program drove an esti­mated ROI of 635% with direct and assisted conver­sions. By using Face­book, the CPCs were 92% cheaper than Google AdWords, and nearly 4,000 account creations were driven by Google.

Continuing to partner and educate.

The biggest win in this part­ner­ship was in intro­duc­ing Origami Owl to the power of digital adver­tis­ing. We were thought­ful in educat­ing and coach­ing their stake­hold­ers on the key perfor­mance metrics and the analyt­ics insights derived from this success­ful campaign. In 2015, we’ve contin­ued showing Origami Owl how digital market­ing can support other initia­tives and look forward to contin­ued market­ing and analyt­ics efforts with them.